The Level 1 – Discovery course is the first of our 9 levels. It is specifically designed to get you up and running as a yoga teacher with comprehensive tuition, a Teacher Training Handbook, Level 1 – Discovery Asana and Pranayama Manual and your Teaching Certificate (providing you graduate).

In 5 days you will learn a fully balanced program and how to teach correctly, safely and engage meaningfully with your students, with 27 asanas, 2 pranayamas, and breath focused meditation, yoga philosophy, anatomy and teaching methodology.

People who do not wish to teach are very welcome to attend the Course to intensively deepen their practice.

Pre-requisite: regular yoga practice (any style of yoga) for a minimum of 12 months.

You are required to submit a detailed Teacher Training Application Form or Download the Print Version to gain acceptance to the Course.

About the Location

Sanctified with shores and sun kissed sands, Wadduwa is a scenic coastal town. Serene in nature and unique in character. Enjoy an array of wonderful experiences including a visit to the popular Kalutara Temple, explore vibrant murals, partake in an early morning excursion by assisting the local fishermen to pull in their nets, savour a refreshing glass of deliciously brewed toddy, purchase the ideal souvenir and much more.

Course fee: AUD $1,750 AUD

  • Teacher Training Course
  • Discovery Asana Manual
  • Teacher Training Handbook
  • Certificate
  • Brunch
  • Tea/coffee, snacks, all day service
  • Customary staff tips