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…I practice yoga regularly and use what I learn to energise my body, elevate my mind and evolve my spirit…
Nicky Knoff & James Bryan Master Teachers Knoff Yoga Extract ‘Intention for Practice’ ©

Yoga Classes and Yoga Courses

Nicky Knoff :: Knoff Yoga SchoolKnoff Yoga offers the highest standards of yoga practice and teaching.

At our yoga school in Cairns, Queensland, Australia there are 4 levels of public yoga classes; Introduction to Yoga, Chair Yoga, Level 1 and Level 2 yoga classes and yoga courses.

Yoga Teacher Training

We also offer 9 levels of yoga teacher training (Discovery to Master), yoga therapy, yoga courses, workshops, intensives and yoga retreats around Australia and the globe.

At Knoff Yoga we believe that the rationale or purpose of practising yoga is to experience freedom in the body and mind through the creation of strong, flexible, healthy, disciplined and independent individuals.

With yoga you can live a life of vitality; we encourage you to exercise not only your muscles, but also your own conscience when it comes to living, learning , growing and eventually blossoming through all of your experiences both on and off the yoga mat.

Yoga Retreats, Workshops and Intensives

We honour the tradition of yoga by incorporating meditation to still the mind, pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) to purify the nervous system, asana (yoga poses) to strengthen, align and balance the body, relaxation to let go of deeply held stress, and philosophy to learn now to live skilfully.

With our roots grounded in the traditions of Iyengar Yoga & Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Knoff Yoga offers an insightful and dynamic form of yoga combining the anatomical alignment of Iyengar with the energetic principles of Ashtanga.

Knoff Yoga Co-Founders & Master Teachers, Nicky Knoff and James Bryan have over seven decades combined yoga teacher training experience.  You can view some of their yoga poses here.

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