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Discovery Teacher Training
CAIRNS – 4th to 8th July 2022

Foundation Teacher Training
CAIRNS – 11th to 29th July 2022

Intermediate Teacher Training
CAIRNS – 1st to 26thAugust 2022

Advanced Teacher Training
CAIRNS – 1st to 26thAugust 2022

Master Teacher Training
CAIRNS – 1st to 26thAugust 2022

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Specialist Series

Pregnancy Teacher Training
Dates to be confirmed

Chair Yoga Teacher Training
CAIRNS – 8th & 9th July 2022

Yoga – Holistic Healing A
Dates to be confirmed

Yoga – Holistic Healing B
Dates to be confirmed

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Hello from Nicky and James

Namaste and welcome to the Knoff Yoga website. We are devoted and respectful about teaching yoga and when you enroll in a teacher training course, intensive, or workshop with Knoff Yoga you will be taught exclusively by Master Teacher Nicky Knoff and/or James Bryan. We believe that each and every yoga teacher trainee deserves hands-on teaching from experienced and skilled long-term practitioners, ensuring you receive the best education possible thus safeguarding the continuation of traditional authentic yoga. We hope you find the website informative and thorough. If you have any questions please get in contact and we will honour your enquiry with a prompt reply.


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Louisa Stylian – Knoff Yoga Teacher Training 2014
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Atman “The purpose of Hatha Yoga” by James Bryan The purpose of Hatha Yoga is to align our self with the SELF called Atman. Atman, (Sans

QUESTION: Mar 7, 2022 Hi Nicky and James In Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga they seem to generally point their toes (plantar flex) and in Iyengar Yoga

What Yoga Teachers and Students are
saying about Knoff Yoga

Ingrid Urban

“Dear Nicky, thanks for your birthday wishes. I am certainly happy having received your teacher training courses long time ago. The exactness, understanding of the structure of your system and the practice of teaching during the training has helped me immensely to build confidence for teaching straight away after the courses. Thanks for all that.

Mark Togni Certificated Knoff Yoga Master Level Yoga Practitioner, Gold Coast Yoga Centre.

Nicky and James are wonderful teachers and they live and breathe Yoga in their daily life. Yoga is a lifelong path as well as a path of transformation. Having a genuine teacher is a key ingredient. I feel very fortunate to have had James and Nicky as my teachers. Since my training I have referred many people to their teacher training courses and have always received great feedback. At Knoff Yoga students receive hands on input from two of Australia’s leading Master teachers. Both Nicky and James are with the students from the beginning of the course to the end and are always available for on-going support and interaction. I highly recommend them. Find out more about Mark here: http://www.goldcoastyogacentre.com

Tass Prakash

I cannot speak highly enough of both the yoga knowledge and teaching style of Nicky and James. They have simply changed my life in a way that I did not believe was possible, along with the lives of thousands of others. And the secret is in their exact, careful synthesis of perfect physical alignment with the internal energetics of the pose. They manage to combine meticulous anatomical placement, physical exertion, and mental relaxation in a way that will yield, to any committed student, benefits that are literally life changing.

Diane Curtis Teacher Training Student

Not long after my Knoff Yoga foundation teacher training I finally fell pregnant, I think the universe wanted me to complete the TT first. During my pregnancy I really appreciated the squat sequence especially during the days my ankles were aching, and the barrel was fantastic for my slight kyphosis on my thoracic spine (which is hardly there now thanks to using the barrel regularly). It was such a different experience from my first pregnancy where I experienced a lot of back pain. I kept up my yoga practice until around 37 weeks and felt so strong and vital the whole way through! And my baby Charlotte is a very happy bubba. Diane Curtis Teacher Training Student

Lisa Steffan

Dear Nicky and James, I wanted to tell you about one of my students! She came after breaking her neck in a car accident. Absolutely everything was difficult or impossible at first, I honestly didn’t think she’d keep coming. But she did, and kept working in her capacity despite everything being so hard. It’s been a couple of years now, and her Salamba Sarvangasana (which was impossible of course at first) is the straightest line I have ever seen, and she is getting really strong in Salamba Sirsasana, and Matsyasana! All of the doctors said, keep doing yoga!! Her practice is really attentive, and you can see the benefits of practice in her whole expression, beautiful. Well I have to keep coming back to all of the things I say, teach, that I learned from you two and remind myself all the time. Lifelong work Thank you so much. Stay well and enjoy that Queensland sunshine and Pacific sea breeze! lots of love, Namaste Lisa Steffan Knoff Yoga Teacher and Student

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