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Knoff Yoga will provide a 100% refund (including the non-refundable deposit) if students cannot attend courses and/or workshops due to official restrictions including lockdowns or border closures. Official restrictions are those enforced by Australia’s federal, state and territory governments.

Teacher Training
Practice Series

Discovery Teacher Training

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Foundation Teacher Training

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Intermediate Teacher Training

Advanced Teacher Training

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Master Teacher Training

Teacher Training
Specialist Series

Pregnancy Teacher Training

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Chair Yoga Teacher Training

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Yoga - Holistic Healing A

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Yoga - Holistic Healing B

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Workshops & Retreat

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Yoga Teacher Training 2014 (4:32)

knoff yoga trainer

Knoff Yoga Overview (8:51)

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Louisa Stylian – Knoff Yoga Teacher Training 2014 (7:11)

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Chen Li Chiao – Knoff Yoga Teacher Training 2014 (7:38)