“Since the whirlwind of returning to the UK I have settled down to designing a website with my brother who has lovingly offered to design one for me free of charge (well in exchange for a painting he wants me to do on his office wall (wish me luck)! I have been teaching friends and family and helping my mum with her back pain (sacroiliac joint problem) and I have had some brilliant responses…a friend of mine was suffering from depression and I have gently introduced her to yoga and yoga philosophy and managed to steer her away from anti-depressants so we are both thrilled with her achievement.  As I have gradually gained more confidence I have decided to start teaching classes locally, my first class starts the 2nd week of October so lots of time to prep, all very exciting…its great to have such a strong focus in my life…thanks you to you both.   miss Australia and the Knoff Yoga School so much, so I look forward to seeing you both next year for the Level 3 – Intermediate Teacher Training.”