“My reason for attending the Knoff Teacher Training Discovery/Foundation Course was to develop a greater understanding of ‘yoga’ besides the asanas. After completing the course, I have definitely got a clearer understanding of what yoga is and have been incorporating my new knowledge into my everyday life. It was a shock to realise that I hadn’t been working my body the correct way for such a long time.

For the first few weeks of the course I had a very sore body, but after completing the course I now feel a lot stronger, lighter and at one with my body. The breath is such a powerful thing! During the course, I did encounter a lot of physical pain as I had a condition similar to Rheumatoid arthritis when I was a child, which seemed to flare up again. I also went through some emotional healing, and can feel my body, mind and soul are still undergoing further changes.

The course is extremely challenging, but I like to think back on it as a jump-start to living a better life and to gain the tools to help others do the same.

I definitely recommend the Knoff Teacher Training course!”