Dear Nicky, I love the way my mind has evolved since this summer. I can see how now I have learned to use the tools. I have gained a new confidence in myself emotionally speaking. I know that when I find myself stressing out about things in the future, I have to just come back to present and focus on this. What else matters more? How will I be able to do “that” thing in 6 months if I don’t take care of my life now? This is something that is helping me enormously. You may not remember saying this, but I have it written in my foundation diary that I was writing while in Cairns. You once said: “anxiety comes exclusively from not being able to be in the moment”. I have surely made treasure of these words.

So once again thank you! I am so very much hoping to seeing you in April.

Carla Sanfilippo – Foundation Teacher Trainee July 2018 Cairns