“Words cannot convey the value of yoga, it has to be experienced” BKS Iyengar

“As a student of yoga and of life I required assistance to work through limitations I held in my body.  After researching several different yoga schools within Australia I made the decision to start my training with Nicky Knoff and attended the Level 1 & 2 (Discovery and Foundation) Teacher Training in Cairns during July 2009. Nothing could have prepared me for the journey I had chosen where I was a student in a ‘masters’ class room. It was a confronting, life changing month. I not only moved past my limitations, I learnt a new sense of the word respect and the power of keeping the loop of learning open.

I went through the pain any person goes through when they are strengthening muscles that have not worked effectively over the years. What I was not prepared for was the pain and strong emotions that arose when it came to opening up my thoracic spine. The pain that moved through my body during asana practice and meditation was more than intense. As the pain became unbearable this is when the emotion would pour out. Some days I literally sobbed uncontrollably and each time the emotion released, the pain moved or simply disappeared.

During these emotional releases several times I did think to myself, “Is this woman mad? Does she really know what she is talking about? Does she really know how much pain I am dealing with here?” When I became aware I was doing this I would have to change my thinking. Thinking like this was building a wall between Nicky and myself and closing down my capacity to learn from her. I had to stop and say to myself, “I was the one who came to Nicky. I must remain open within my heart, mind and body to accept whatever Nicky had to offer.” This kept my receptivity open. And let’s be honest without her presence and guidance I would not have had the determination, the will, or the courage to face my internal blockages/limitations during that month.

Nicky is like a mother who teaches you, guides you and encourages you to become the best you can be. She knows you are capable of so much more, she knows it is your mind that limits you and she knows just how to encourage you as an individual to become aware of this. She understands the physical pain we feel in our bodies is directly linked to a pain within our minds. To heal our bodies we must first heal our minds. All other self development I have done over the years there were always questions and a search for the answer. Why? Why did I feel that? Why did that affect me? Through the Knoff Yoga System the question “Why?” was never present. Nicky and I just allowed the process to take me where I needed to go. Due to this my body is healing because my mind is healing. My mind on an unconscious level is letting go and releasing negative imprints of my past (be it this life time or from a previous life) and I will never know (nor need to know) the cause.

As students of yoga and of life we must remain open.  We can learn something from any person as it is internal experience from these interactions that is ultimately the best teacher. This world is blessed to have Nicky. She has so much knowledge and experience and is willing to share it with anyone sincerely interested in walking the yogic path. What did I learn from attending the Foundation Level Teacher Training? Firstly, to keep the mind open for learning from anyone. Secondly, the body is the door to the unconscious mind. Thirdly, the Knoff Yoga System is the key that opens that door.  I will be a student in the ‘masters’ class room next year for Intermediate Level….have the tissues ready. Namaste”