“Nicky Knoff and James Bryan, this long overdue message is to say thank you for my wonderful, life-transforming, introduction to yoga during your sojourn in Grand Junction.  With affection I think of you as I do my hour long, home practice once or twice each week.  The preciseness of your instruction awakened in me awareness of my body’s requirement for bi-lateral balance, disciplined asanas, focused breathing and meditative centering.  Each home session is a blend of blend of sun salutations A and B and other asanas you taught and Hot Yoga/Bikram practices that I learned after you left Grand Junction.  I missed working with you that last year in Grand Junction because I tore my meniscus and it took me 18 months to heal (and I was away a lot).  Without the thoroughness of your initial instruction I would not have returned to yoga (because the other instruction that I have experienced is not sufficiently engaging).  As I end my practice with a calm mind and a sense of physical and spiritual fullness and peace, you are in my thoughts.”