Dear James and Nicky,

Your coming leave of Cairns and this most recent newsletter has me deeply reflecting on my time in Cairns (and Bali), my yoga journey/ life journey. There is probably not a week goes by that somewhere in my practice, or my meditation or my response to something in a day that I do not hear your voice. I have to say that I love when there are photos posted, I can smell the room, feel the energies, see you in the room, know those spaces, to have been/ and it still is a part of that/ of me. My teacher, Peter Sanson often says: ‘There is a small box sitting here (in your heart). It is Atman. Turn your attention here. That is yoga.’ Therein. also, you both will always reside.

What did I take away, above and beyond so many things in my time spent with you, and will always hold in my heart – more than anything else – your deep love that underlines, imbues, permeates everything else; and that, what is at essence is not the asanas/ what you can or can not do, but the love with which it is imbued; the yoga that is alive in every cell of your beings, the two of you. My gratitude and love, Go well in this next turn of the road, Rochelle