I am so glad I did the workshop. It was great that so many had been working with people who had illness or disabilities.

My cousin found it really challenging. She has alot of hip and lower back issues.

She was actually born with dislocated hips.

Even though she did very little movement in the session, she slept so well and felt amazing the next morning.

She was so happy that she came along and finally meet you after all my workshop stories.

My friend Nicole was also there.

She is a massage therapist and teaches pilates.

Nicole met you at the free class you gave late last year.

She could not believe how deeply it worked and said she completely underestimated what type of practice could be offered on a chair.

Nicky you are looking so healthy and strong. Your passion for helping all people with yoga and movement really inspires me.

Sending love

Cherie Flynn
Chair Yoga Teacher Training Student April 2018