Dear Nicki and James

Touching base with you since completing the Discovery Course in July. Such a short course but it has transformed my practice and facilitated major changes to my daily yoga practice.

Prior to Cairns I was practicing Ashtanga 2 or 3 times per week with Denis Juelicher in Port Macquarie. I have now withdrawn from Ashtanga practice for the moment and have set up a practice room at home. I practice every morning 6 days per week. Its been a bit of a back to basics, start all over again experience. I purchased the Foundation USB in Cairns and have been working through this syllabus. My practice is shorter than my previous ashtanga sessions but doing less asana more often is proving to be much better for me and also fits well with my work commitments My 12 years of ashtanga have had a strong emphasis on asana. Pranyama and meditation are now getting more attention and time. Knowledge and application of the Principles of Practice has been incredibly transforming.

The Knoff syllabus seems to work well for me and I am keen to learn more. I have no aspirations of becoming a yoga teacher but the teacher training seems to be a great way to “really learn”. It is possible that I may use any teaching qualification that I gain in my work as a school teacher.

I want to do the foundation course in Melbourne but I keep hesitating with the application process as I have had a hamstring tendon injury for quite a few months. I have finally consulted a physio and really hope that it heals before then. I guess what I am asking is, will it be ok to do the foundation course even though I may have an injury that affects my ability to execute some of the asanas?

With thanks for the great work that you do in sharing your years of exploration and learning.

Heather Hannock
Discovery Teacher Training Student July 2017