Hello Denis,

I am writing to you to unreservedly recommended James Bryan as a professional and well-liked yoga teacher and presenter.
I had the pleasure of meeting James when he travelled to Canberra to be a featured presenter at the Summer’s End Yoga Festival. James’ courteous and enthusiastic approach was evident from our first interaction when I invited him to our festival. James responded to my initial enquiry promptly with good questions about the goals of the festival and how he might be able to contribute.
James continued to be responsive and professional in negotiating his involvement and clearly had the best interest of Summer’s End Yoga Festival in the front of his mind. In short, James was easy to work with and I hope to be able do so again.
James attended both Saturday and Sunday of the festival and presented two excellent and well-received sessions. He also actively participated in activities across the whole weekend being a great ambassador for yoga and the festival. I find this very important in a featured presenter as the additional involvement adds great value to the festival and the participants. I observed James simply chatting to participants about their yoga experience and saw him being genuinely interested regardless of their stage of development on their yoga journey.
Participants also provided positive feedback, noting that James executes ‘the best downward dog I have ever seen’ and asking if we could have him back again next year. One experienced yoga instructor who attended his 2-hour session took pages of notes, soaking in the experience and wisdom he was willing to share and the manner in which he interacted with the participants.James is authentic. He has a strong sense of community and displayed great generosity with his time.
I would be delighted to provide more feedback if you’d like to discuss my recommendation further.