“Thank you … Wait, how can I possibly thank you for what you have given me? The truth is — I do not know how. For the first time in my young life, I feel as though I am acting from my heart with ever more pure intentions … this you have guided me towards. I feel for the first time a renewed sense of purpose and love for life in general … this you have guided me towards. I feel for the first time that I know where God is and how to approach him / myself … this you have guided me towards. I understand that ‘my garden is never finished’ and that this life is an organic process that will benefit me as long as I put the time, care, attention and love in … this you have helped me to realise. Nicky, I know you will say that I have done the work … and I thank myself. However, you (as a teacher and friend) showed up in my life at precisely the right moment. I am the luckiest of persons to have crossed paths with you and I would like for you to understand how wonderfully you have impacted my life and the life of so many others. You have taught and instructed me in techniques that will keep me aligned with my purpose and path … I cannot imagine a better gift in the world. Thank you and I wish the two of you peace and happiness for all time.”