“Dear James and Nicky,I hope things are going well and Nicky and yourself are enjoying the advanced teacher training with Janka! It seems that everyone had a lovely time doing the intermediate. The pictures were great to look at!!

Things here are really well. After my not-too-easy start teaching I had suddenly all these teaching opportunities coming my way. I am now teaching 3 classes a week that are well received. I find it tremendously fulfilling to teach, I leave the classes feeling deeply

happy. The students seem to really enjoy the classes and i have pretty much everyone returning. They especially seem to enjoy that I am focusing so strongly on anatomy and what muscles to engage etc. I have people say to me: I have done this posture for years and now I finally understand what I am supposed to do. Isn’t that amazing? All thanks to you and Nicky! Thank you so much again. Of course I can also again notice how my body adapts some more and becomes more supple and strong which is lovely!! So I am very decided to make my goal for next August to come to intermediate teacher training, saving and planning so I have the time and financial means to come!