“Your teacher training course has been calling me ever since I connected with Mark Togni (Gold Coast – Australia) many years ago now. Whilst my path has taken me in many directions which I believed were necessary to bring me to where I am now, I am happy that this year, the time has been right and I have finally been able to undertake what I feel I am only now ready for – a culmination of my years of searching. In some ways, there has been a completion and consolidation of these past 9 or so years. On the other hand I am aware of having now moved to another level of being as a consequence of this process. With the completion of the old comes the new … I want to thank you for the major part you and your life have played in my life since meeting Mark (he carried your knowledge) and now in having completed the course. I have learnt so much and feel every part of it has been beneficial for me on so many levels. Thanks for following your truth. You have helped me to feel even more determined to follow mine.”