“Hi James and Nicky,

I wanted to share with you that a few weeks ago I passed the second of my Iyengar assessments and am now officially an Iyengar teacher. While this accomplishment feels great, the best part of the whole thing has been the continuous and dedicated practice and study of yoga that began with you two and continues with Nancy.

This process has not been about attaining an Iyengar designation but rather finding a path in western Colorado that has allowed me to deepen my practice and enhance my life.

In Nancy’s studio in Hotchkiss hangs a collage of old photos of Nancy studying with Iyengar and Gita. Annie Ripper (now Clark) pointed out to me that a younger Nicky Knoff is in most of these pictures with Nancy. I LOVE looking at these pictures to remind me how amazing life is that I have had the priviledge to study with these two wonderous women.

Thank you James and Nicky. My experience with you here in Grand Junction still rests within and has not faded one bit!

From a bottomless well of gratitude,
my best to you both!