“Hi Nicky and James,

Hope you our both well. I’ve been intending to get in touch for a while, thought I’d wait till all the teacher training was over for the year, I know it’s a busy time for you both. My month in Cairns with you was invaluable, and I wanted to thank you for what you have shared and taught me, and for the wonderful memories.

Since I have returned I am more confident teaching yoga and my students are enjoying Discovery & Foundation sequences, and I am still keeping up myself practice, well most days .

Today I was one was of the leaders for Yoga Aid, we had a glorious morning down on Eastern Beach in Geelong , the majority of the participants that came to this were my students

I was really proud of them all and the support they gave for Yoga Aid. My husband, Anthony, and I have become interested in Ayurvedic Diet after completing the Dosha quiz. Would you be able to recommend any good books for us to look further into this. Nicky I will see you next year in Fitzroy, and I am hopeful that I can return to Cairns in August next year. It is my intention to complete all levels with you.

Warm wishes to you both