“I feel truly lucky to have had the opportunity to complete the Intermediate Teacher Training Course with Nicky Knoff. What a wonderful experience to spend each day for four weeks learning and practising yoga with such a wise and experienced teacher, and such a warm and dedicated group of students. My yoga practice has deepened and improved. My knowledge of anatomy and physiology has expanded. My teaching skills and confidence have increased. And I have learned about the history and philosophy of yoga and how I can apply this in my day to day life. By taking part in the teacher training I feel I have become part of a global community of yoga practitioners and have formed connections that I hope will continue for life. Best of all I feel that the depth of learning in the course was such that the learning continues even after the course has ended. The course has given me the tools and understanding to independently continue to improve my practice and my teaching – though of course I am grateful to have the opportunity to continue learning with Nicky and James, and I am looking forward to continuing the journey with the Advanced level next year!”

“I liked the intensity of practice, the sense of development I gained from practising a set sequence daily with the focus on details of technique. I liked the group and the spirit that pervaded it where we all felt safe to share while also challenged, supported and pushed to our limits to expand beyond them.”

“The teacher training was the most rewarding experience of my life so far. I would say that yes, Nicky did ‘push’ us to each do our best, but this was never in the sense of straining or being out of tune with our breath and our bodies. Rather it was about becoming more and more mindful and aware. Nicky often says yoga should give you energy to go home and clean your windows, or whatever else you need to do in your life – it should never leave you exhausted. It should never cause pain either – although we may feel a “delicious stretch” at times! Another thing Nicky often says is “relax and enjoy the sensations”!

Yes Nicky does emphasise correct alignment and I know from my own experience that this is important because this emphasis on technique allows me to work better in the pose and to get more benefit from it.

I think what I love most about learning with Nicky is that she works with each student at whatever level they’re at – nobody gets left behind! Since doing the teacher training with Nicky this year, I can do so much more and get more benefit from yoga, than I had in the 12 years or so of practising yoga before I did the course.”