“Nicky and James, big and warm thank you again for a fantastic yoga experience! I almost didn’t make it to the intermediate this year, but I did, and I’m eternally thankful it became possible at the last moment (and even for Jon my man!). I hope I’m a better yogi now and the uphill continues…  It was really quite special to have almost all friends from last year coming back to the intermediate, and get to know each other better not only yogically, but as persons, individuals and friends. If ever I manage to pass this same energy on to my future yoga students, I will be blessed and I will know what the source is. It’s healing and uplifting. Namaste!”

“Dear Nicky, Dear James,
I hope you’re both doing very well!  I returned safely to The Netherlands, and now FINALLY have some time to write to you, and spend a moment thinking back at the fantastic month I spent in Cairns in July 2009. I have been thinking of you lots and of this new exiting chapter in my life. A big thank you again, Nicky, for all the knowledge, wisdom, experience and advise you gave to us as a group, and me personally, during the course!  It’s really only afterwards that one realizes how much we actually learned and absorbed about the yogic way of practising and living. It’s hitting my consciousness now – and I am forever grateful to you Nicky, and James too.

The best thing really is that I am already teaching and getting the experience I need so badly. Day by day I realize what a wonderful yoga energy and confidence I carry within me, and I tell myself “dammit there’s something very right in this stuff”.  Yes, it is hard work, its flying! Also Jon is now pondering whether he should do the Foundation course next year. So, it’s all happening.

Looking back at my notes/diary from the course, I thought you might be interested in some of the thoughts/feedback I had from the course itself. Feel totally free to take it or leave it, as I’m very aware you have a long experience in teaching:

– You offered to us a unique environment of openness, truthfulness, courage and discipline which I can’t recall having experienced before. It was fascinating that we were able to develop ourselves at so many different levels in such a short time. The baked cake method convinced me!
– This is a very welcome down-to-earth approach of yoga; Nicky’s teaching is not a product of imagination or pretension, but very modern, rigorous, practical, accurate and credible.
– Intention of Practice: It was a very good idea to start reading this aloud every morning in the class. I read it to myself now regularly, and it’s helpful in my own practice.
– Anatomy class: I recall the closed book tests were too difficult to most of us, but also the open book test did not feel quite right (the information did not stay in the memory). Since Knoff Yoga doesn’t have a skeleton, perhaps an alternative would be practical demonstrations and observations of key muscles performed on students themselves, and how a muscle feels and moves in real? Also I think a very basic illustrated final exam (closed book) of muscle names and locations would be necessary.
– Yoga Sutras: Being such a fan of music myself, it would be wonderful to have at least one full-on mantra chanting session, perhaps under the guidance of a mantra yogi or some other relevant musician. This could be voluntary for those who are interested.
– James, you have a healing, uplifting and hypnotic voice. While I often like yoga classes which includes silent moments too, I was never tired of listening to the vibration of your voice. I hope you use it well beyond yoga classes!
– Assisting at Knoff Yoga’s public classes was awesome. Absolutely an essential part of learning-by-doing.

I’d better stop here, not to make this too long. I wish you both all the very best for your next moves, and hope to stay in contact with you regularly. If you ever travel via Amsterdam, please let me know.

Love, Nina”