I would like to applaud Knoff Yoga School for their most excellent standard of Yoga Teacher Training.

As an international yoga teacher I travel and teach in many countries in South East Asia and also Europe.  Over the past   10 years   I have always been asked to recommend a good yoga teachers training course   wherever I go. Unhesitatingly I have always directed those who are serious about becoming teachers to Knoff Yoga Teacher Training.

You will be challenged on all levels and Nicky & James will extract your true potential.

As I keep returning to teach in the same countries I have the privilege often of meeting again the students who successfully did the Knoff Yoga TTC sometimes months or years later. I am never disappointed, and more often astonished by the change in the student in front of me.  The common factor being I see a clarity, confidence and maturity in them and without a doubt I know I would trust that person to teach a class.

To me Knoff Yoga Teacher Training is like’ the organic whole meal bread ‘of all the Yoga Teacher Trainings available today.  It is the one I trust, with all the essential nutrients and ingredients to give a really complete start to teaching yoga.

It is for this reason that I always have, and will continue to send potential yoga teachers to them.

About Paddy: Paddy teaches with passion her ever evolving quest to “unbutton the spine” so it can dance. Using backbends and other classic yoga postures coming from her long term practice under the guidance of yogacharya Venkatesh, Mysore, India and from her Iyengar background, as well as a less conventional but very deep approach, drawing from her more recent studies under Diane Long and John Stirk (UK); she aims to inspire students to develop their own self practice.

Paddy was  based in Sri Lanka from 1989 and in 2011 relocated to Thailand. She teaches yoga workshops and intensive retreats throughout Asia. Once a year, she comes to Europe to teach a schedule of intensive retreats and workshops.