You speak the truth and always have, I am well aware of this.  It was great to come to class yesterday.  You have the most beautiful personality of any teacher i have meet. 

The smoking has been with me for a while and i am well aware of how it has been holding me back. I am into a process of letting it go for ever.  I am sorry to hear of your sister’s death for lung disease. 

Thank you for the welcome to class and the concern you show. I do like your softer approach. 

I will be coming to class at least every Tuesday afternoon (unless I have an indoor soccer game… I am captain of my team, if so I will come another day that week) but once I have settled into my new life I will be there at least twice a week.

I have been practicing the Tibetan 5 rites now for some while (and it is the best ten minutes one could spend for their body I believe) but the yoga is something to take me further.

thank you so much for being here for me and for all of my brothers and sisters.

You are an inspiration and I regret that I did not take on the opportunity before, but I will stop beating myself up and start building myself up.

 Love to you and Nicky