“It was amazing to come back home and be able to really talk to Jacinta about Yoga and particularly what a profound effect you and James have on people’s lives. Jacinta has raved about her Cairns Yoga experiences since she completed her first Course with you and now I am able to fully participate in this experience.”

“Dear Nicky and James. I saw this card and thought that it would be just right to send to you belated than you’s and gratitude’s for the wonderful month of August spent in your company during the Level 3 – Intermediate Teacher Training Course. Nicky your knowledge and insight into yoga, the student, the student teacher and in particular, my body, my mind, what I needed to do in my practice (the right amount of pushing and encouragement!) never ceases to amaze and inspire me – onwards to greater knowledge and understanding! I really can’t put into words just how much I got out of the month – both as a yoga student and as a teacher. It is going to take some time to ‘unpack’ all that I learned form you – but from the experience gained after the Foundation Course in Wellington I know that as it all gradually unfolds (‘the journey’) this is part of the joy! James – thank you for so patiently taking the time to answer my seemingly endless questions about the classes you were teaching and about your great yoga school – your taking the time was very much appreciated! The flow on effect is evident – I am more than happy to now take tome to answer my students and visiting yoga teachers with their queries – even when I am just ready to go home. Now that I am back in Melbourne I have really started to enjoy my yoga teaching – putting into practice what you have both taught me (and working on those areas I know that I need to put into practice!). I have a large pile of resources (including the extra philosophy supplement which you printed James – again that you!) – books, CD’s and DVD’s which I learned about in your school. Beach Yoga continues from strength to strength (now that we are Intermediate & Advanced Knoff Yoga Teachers) and I am happy and confident in the knowledge that this is what I want to do – teach yoga! That you both again for the inspiration, knowledge and example, that make yoga teaching possible from me! With much love.”

“This email was just to pass on our love and thanks for our weekends with you in Melbourne for the Foundation and Yoga Therapy Workshops as Greg’s school. It is always great to see you and beyond the yoga to socialize with you at the great Afghani restaurant and you ‘brother’s’ house! Assisting you in the Foundation Workshop and taking part as a student in the Yoga Therapy classes was a great learning experience and really brings so much more to my teaching and practice! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I have some good photos from the workshop which I will put on a disc to send to James by the end of the week. Our week yoga classes are still going well as are the privates. We really were very lucky to have found you as a teacher Nicky, it’s amazing just how much we have learned in a short time spent with you – (of course there is always work to be done and far more knowledge to be gained) we are certainly learning from the best! “