Hi Nikki (and Hi there James)

Well better late than never I guess! It was almost this time last year that I was around 27-30weeks pregnant with my son Reagan and completing Foundation teacher training. He’s now 8 and a half months!

I felt I had to write to you to let you know about my journey through the rest of my pregnancy and labour (and I did say that I would keep in touch and let you know!) I also know that I owe a huge part of the great health and well-being I had while pregnant, to you and your wealth of wisdom and knowledge that you so freely shared with me over the course… and of course you too James! And Ross!!

Foundation literally changed the health of my pregnancy. My blood pressure didn’t drop no where near as much, I felt energized, I remained fit, flexible and healthy throughout my pregnancy, I was so ‘intouch’ with my body… and ‘oh my god’ I bounced back super quick! I literally had my first (gentle and much shorter in duration) practice 5 days after giving birth. Wow, didn’t I realized then how hard I had been working in foundation and the rest of my pregnancy haha! The asanas were a lot ‘easier’ without that bundle of joy in there! And I continued a pretty full practice right up until the day I gave birth (yes even a full sun salutation with that huge belly).

I cannot wait to continue on and complete pregnancy yoga (and holistic A and B!) so I can share this with EVERY pregnant mumma out there that is wanting to learn. It is so valuable!

Thank you Nikki for strongly recommending that I complete foundation even though I was pregnant – The experience alone, on top of the health benefits, was an added bonus towards my future as a teacher!

Another huge thank you for triggering me to work through my ‘fear’ of labour. During a private lesson when I was 3 months pregnant, I told you I was terrified to go through labour again. You of course told me to not be, as my body would physically hold that fear, which would make for a difficult labour. I worked through this (with the help of great visual ideas and information with Hypnobirthing) and my labour was amazing. I actually LOVED the experience!

It was a short 6hours from the time I was questioning if I was in labour.. to the time my beautiful boy entered the world. 2 hours into it, I was practicing in-between contractions (the squat sequence and sitting postures, cat/cow in particular felt great), and I was just that comfortable, and managing every ‘surge’ with 1 of the most powerful tools – breathing (yogic full breath and ujjayi breath). Seriously – why aren’t theses tools (yoga and ujjayi) taught at antenatal classes?!

I arrived at the hospital only a short 45 mins before he was born, and again it was such an organic experience due to (I believe) my yogic training. I was so in touch with my body and my baby. I gave birth in the squat position (thanks to my hardcore teacher making us hold this for a very long time, building lots of strength 😉 haha).

Maybe it’s his personality, coincidence, or maybe the yoga, energy work and essential oils I use that have something to contribute to it, but Reagan is the most ‘chilled’ out baby, full of happiness and contentment!

I refer to you as ‘Nikki, my yogi grandmother’ when I talk about you 🙂 You must have changed so many lives with your passion and I know for sure that you have a lot of souls out there that are full of a lot of love, admiration, respect and gratitude for you!

Thank you for being such a powerful positive influence in my life. I hope this finds you well and enjoying your gorgeous new home on the sunny coast. May god abundantly bless you and James!

Renee Clifford
Foundation Teacher Trainee Cairns 2017