“Hi James

Thanks for mailing off the replacement DVDs!

Since receiving the first lot, I have been working with the Sun Salutations DVD as motivation for me to do some yoga every morning. Have been delighted with the clarity of your instruction. I have an excellent yoga teacher here, but using the DVD at home allows me to pay attention to the finer details (such as really working the hands – I have arthritis in my fingers and it is much improved since I have been opening my hands more / spreading the fingers and really grasping the floor as you describe. Must be something to do with really working the muscles & tendons where they attach to the bones.. Attention & oxygen to the joints too, I guess…but it has made such a difference!). Good, also, to have the different levels of difficulty in this routine. I fit somewhere in the middle and can only aspire to having the strength to drop straight down into low plank as you demonstrate… but I’m working on it!

I’m excited about the DVDs!! Thanks once again.