“Dearest Nicky,

The Teacher Training Course was one of the most wonderful events in my life. I like your “Teaching Method” most because I learned many skills to adjust students’ positions in a safe way. I learned how to prevent students and instructors injuries from doing yoga or any adjustment.  In fact, I hesitated for a while before I signed up the “Teacher Training Course” because everyone knows Nicky is a very strict teacher and I didn’t think my body is strong enough to complete the whole course. Doubtless, it was tough especially the “Meditation”. I have scoliosis and I hurt my hip joints many years ago. The longer I sit still, the more painful my hip joints feel. But I can’t believe I managed to finish it!I haven’t sat still so long before. It was amazing that I felt so calm and peaceful during the meditation journey. Now I love meditation and I do it every day to empty my thought.

The other benefit I’ve gotten from the course is how important for the muscles to work properly to prevent spinal damage from doing any kind of exercises. Therefore, I think I need to read more about anatomy books and hope I can learn more yoga therapies in the future to help my students who suffer scoliosis like me.

From this Teacher Training Course, I’ve improved both my mind and my body. Hope more people can enjoy the course. I will recommend my friends and my students to attend the course. After all, everyone is worth to learn the best for his/her body.”