“Each day as i get on my mat I am grateful for the ability to work on an asana sequence that  is really helping me build strength & flexibility. This asana sequence was able to highlight to me the areas of weakness in my body. I am committed to now practicing asanas which I neglected in the past. I enjoyed how there was a balance of instructions for the right alignment with the encouragement to BE the posture. For me what was most effective was how it brought forth all my habitual holding patterns some of which I was not even aware of. I have since been working on them and already feel a great difference. For instance, how I held my head during postures & most importantly during seated meditation.  Nicky was absolutely brilliant in her ability to be firm yet tremendously loving & nurturing. She inspired in each & every student the need to work diligently & consistently in order to attain success. My entire practice has undergone a change and my practice is much more balanced than ever before. There is improved strength & a greater awareness in my daily life. I believe the course is perfect for one who is looking for the perfect structure through which to successfully guide students new to Yoga. The 24 principles are brilliant in that they cover the essence of the practice in the most comprehensive manner. I am extremely happy & would recommend anyone looking to teach to take up the course. Despite teaching for many years I like how this has given me greater direction & structure on how to create an effective sequence for the students. I believe Nicky has so much to offer in terms of her experience & knowledge that anyone who is trained under her guidance is definitely poised to become a good teacher.”