“Dear Nicky and James I feel truly transformed, a better, more kind and compassionate person.  It has been an honour to have been taught by you and a privilege to be able to now go on to teach Knoff Yoga.  Also I know Salamba Sirsasana (Headstand) and Urdhva Dhanurasana (Upward Bow) are my greatest lessons.  Expect to get a photo soon!  Much love and deep gratitude!”

“My yoga practice I would say has been like many others – intermittent. I recall as a young girl being riveted by the woman on the television wearing her leotard being incredibly calm and tranquil as she performed yoga for her audience. As the years went by I collected yoga books which caught my eye, attended yoga schools all over Australia as I moved around, and I intermittently practiced.
As life tends to do, a huge shift made me reflect on the meaning of my life, I eventually found myself in Cairns studying Oriental Health, and attending Knoff Yoga classes. A year later it was time for me to leave Cairns, but the desire to study yoga under the guidance of a master such as Nicky Knoff stayed with me. It was as I was leaving I made the decision to do the Foundation Level Yoga Teacher Training with Knoff Yoga, a decision based on wanting to improve my own practice, teaching yoga not a motivating factor.
That decision, with all honesty, tortured me for months, in fact I was counselled and supported by James, with his insightful words helping me realise I was indeed putting up barriers to success by doubting my own ability. Also I put so many expectations on myself that the fear of failure almost made me quit before I even started!  Needless to say it was confronting to see these negative thought patterns in process.
Attending the course in July 2009 was possibly one of the hardest things I have done for myself, and without doubt one of the most rewarding. I was and continue to be eternally grateful to Nicky Knoff for her wisdom, energy, and kindness throughout the course. I extended my stay in Cairns to participate in the Intermediate Level Teacher Training as well; the most surprised person was me about that too!
If you are thinking about doing a teacher training course with Knoff Yoga, be aware that you may be confronted by limitation, placed on you by yourself only. If you can overcome your fears, it will be the deepest experience with yourself you could ever imagine.
Namaste Yogini Shirin”