“I have been teaching around 4 classes (level 1) a week and loving every minute of it — there are constant challenges and overcoming these is enormously rewarding. Sometimes there are things that a student does (or doesn’t do) and I so often find myself asking ‘What would Nicky do in this situation?’. Other times, it might be going into a class after some personally disturbing news or an upsetting day and feeling satisfied afterwards that I have taught a good class because I have had to dig a little deeper and teach from a place in my heart rather than a place in my head. Nicky, I reflect almost daily on the time I had on your course, and on a regular basis different things seem to fall into place. Sometimes I will find myself in front of a class, and almost unbidden an instruction will pop out of my mouth because I’ve seen a particular need for it in a student, and I think ‘Gosh, I had completely forgotten about that.’ or maybe I haven’t even been doing it myself, but suddenly it makes sense.”