First met Nikki and James at their annual Bali retreat back in 2011.
After just completing my yoga teacher training, I felt I was in need of some extra inspiration and guidance before starting my teaching journey.

I can honestly say that the week or so spent with Nikki and James was one of the most transformational, educational and inspiring ones of my life. To soak up the wisdom of two people who walk their talk and have so many years of experience and knowledge was truly amazing.

One of the most significant moments for me was when I had a conversation with Nikki about not feeling ready to teach. On some level I was thinking ‘she is the ultimate teacher… I can’t call myself a teacher!’ Nikki said ‘you need to start. Just begin and trust that you will attract students that you can help. Trust you know enough to offer them something’. So that’s exactly what I did.

It’s been 7 years and I’ve been teaching as my full time job ever since.

There’s few yoga masters out there. I consider myself very lucky to have met and learned from the real deal.

Thank you Nikki and James. I have so much appreciation for you and how you have shaped me as a student and a teacher.

In love and yoga,

Tara Aldridge
True Nature Yoga Perth.