“The Foundation Level Teacher Training was a transformational time during which I have learned a tremendous amount, not only about Yoga, but also about myself. The intensity of the course is conducive to a strong personal development — I have met some of my emotional and mental blockages, and I have overcome them. Physically, I have become a lot stronger and my yoga practice now feels strong and safe. It has truly become a part of my life I could not do without. Nicky’s guidance during these 8 weeks was great. Her knowledge in anatomy, yoga and health is simply overwhelming! Her pragmatic and enthusiastic approach to teaching make it a pleasure to learn, and the theory part of the course complements the asana practice well. I always felt safe and supported during asana practice. Nicky’s instructions and adjustments are precise and spot-on, and she gives great attention to correct alignment. Thanks to Nicky’s teaching, I feel that I have gained a thorough and firm grounding in my practice, as well as in teaching the Foundation asanas. I look forward to sharing what I have learned, and hopefully pass on some of Nicky’s enthusiasm to new students.”