“I would like to thank my teachers from the Knoff Yoga  Teacher Training course for the incredible experience I had in Cairns, Australia.   I came far on my journey to be a yoga teacher and totally felt that this was the culmination of many years of ambition to learn how to teach.  Up until this point I was unsure and under confident in this quest.  I was given one of the greatest challenges in my life and achieved, I feel the greatest reward.  I don’t think I have ever worked so hard or with so much intensity in my yoga practice and this lead me through an emotional and physical walk over hot coals to get to the end.  But I did get to the end and it was a fantastic ride!  Nicky is truly inspirational and a compliment from her is worth its weight in gold.  And James and his bizarre analogies is welcome light relief.  I would invite anyone to tread the same path as I did.  Don’t forget that taking the first step is hardest after that it’s all uphill!  No really – the downhill bit is worth the uphill struggle.  Now I am back in the UK and along with another job, teaching 2 classes a week.  But my ambition is securely in place to open my own studio at some point.  And I hope to build a yoga community here such as I experienced in Cairns.  Although unfortunately much colder!  Love, light and pure energy to all.
PS.  I want to come back”