Level 2 Foundation progresses on from Level 1 Discovery and is based on the same Principles of Practice and Sequencing. In this DVD, hosted by James Bryan, you are patiently and gently taken to the next step of your yoga practice as if you and James are taking a private class together. 9 Breathing Techniques, described in detail and demonstrated by James -­‐ 25 minutes. In the meditation section, James shows you how to sit correctly and do one of the simplest and yet most profound of the yogic / Buddhist meditation techniques, Ana Pana -­‐ 12 minutes. 39 Yoga Postures, including Deep Relaxation. After you do this a few times, you should be able to turn off the picture, and just do the poses as James verbally guides you -­‐ 48 minutes. The further you progress in yoga the more important it is to be grounded in the basics. You should be comfortable with the Level 1 Discovery syllabus before beginning the Level 2 Foundation practice.

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