If done correctly the Sun Salute is as graceful as a ballet dancer’s pirouette, as energizing as a martial arts kata, as aerobic as jumping jacks, and, if that’s not enough, it’s fun to do. In the first section of this DVD, James Bryan guides you step-­‐by-­‐step through all five levels of the Sun Salutations as taught by his teacher, Nicky Knoff. James begins by doing each level at normal speed followed by the same sequence at quarter speed. At this slower speed James explains the all-­‐important details to insure students do the sequence correctly and safely. After the study section comes home practice. Here James leads the viewer, as if they are in a private class, through five levels of the Sun Salute, repeating each sequence five times. James concludes with more pointers and encouragement -­‐ if you only have a few minutes a day to work out, why not begin with the Sun Salutations? Traditionally in the East people squat as they cook, wash the dishes, go to the toilet, or just hang out. For them squatting comes naturally. However, for most people in the West, squatting, which involves opening up the hips and the ankles, is often one of the hardest parts of yoga. In the second section of this DVD, master yoga teacher Nicky Knoff leads Tomoko Gregory through the squat sequence. Students often find that once they’ve mastered the squat sequence they are more open and can jump start many traditional yoga postures.

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