CANBERRA – 2nd – 6th Jan 2018 (delivered as part of the 200 hour course)

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KNOFF Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Canberra from January 2018

This training has two components:

Component 1: Discovery Course Level 1 – 2 – 6 January 2018 (5 days, 8 hours per day). Download Discovery timetable

Component 2: Foundation Course (delivered in three parts)

  • Foundation Part 1 –14th – 19th January 2018 (6 days) Download Foundation Part One timetable.
  • Foundation Part 2 – Easter Week, 26 – 30 March 2018 – Monday to Good Friday, (5 days, 8 hours per day)
  • Foundation Part 3 – Queen’s Birthday June long weekend, Friday 8 to Tuesday 12 June 2018 (5 days, total remaining hours, detailed itinerary to be provided with course documents. Note: Monday 11 June is a public holiday)

The training will be by Master Yoga Teacher, James E. Bryan (ERYT500), who is the Program Director at KNOFF Yoga in Cairns.

Course Pre-requisites

To join the Discovery Course, you are required to have attended regular yoga classes (any style of yoga) for a minimum of 12 months. You also need to submit your application.

Who is eligible for this course?

Provided the minimum 12 months of regular yoga practise are met, this course is appropriate both for teachers wishing to further their education and practitioners intending to be teachers. This course offers a potent platform for personal development and true transformation through the avenue of yoga – and hence, it is appropriate for anyone who wishes to explore their soul journey further, so as to evolve into the best and highest version of themselves, with our without any intention to teach in the future.

Component 1: Discovery Course

The Discovery Course is the beginning level of the Knoff Yoga Teacher Training and consists of a one week (5-Day) intensive covering everything you need to get you up and running as a yoga teacher.

Following the guidelines of the International Yoga Alliance, you will study Asana, Pranayama & Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Ethics & Lifestyle, Anatomy and Teaching Methodology.

This Course is based on the unique Knoff Yoga Principles of:

  • Sequencing
  • Teaching
  • Adjusting
  • Observation
  • Demonstration
  • Practice

The Anatomy covers the basics of movement, muscles and bones and is taught with direct application to the yoga postures. The philosophy looks at: historical and theoretical principles of hatha yoga; the eight limbs of yoga; emphasis is on how theory of yoga translates to practice of life, with particular focus on yamas and niyamas; eastern and western philosophies underlying principles of yoga, and introduces Yoga Sutras Chanting.

You will receive more than enough information and knowledge to teach competently and successfully – as we do at the Knoff Yoga Headquarters in Cairns, Australia.

Students who do not wish to teach may also attend the course to intensively deepen their practice and grow their yoga knowledge.

You will receive a Teacher Training Handbook, Discovery Asana and Pranayama Manual and a Discovery Teaching Certificate (if you pass the course).

Component 2: Foundation Course

Foundation builds on the skills and knowledge gained in Level 1 Discovery with its own balanced and more challenging syllabus.

During this component which is spread over three parts, you will receive training in 45 asanas, 9 pranayamas, breath focused meditation, yoga philosophy, anatomy and teaching methodology. You will receive a Foundation Asana and Pranayama (Level 3) Manual and your Teaching Certificate (providing you graduate).

Both the Discovery and Foundation Courses are registered with Yoga Alliance – the international yoga teachers association. With these two certificates you can apply to Yoga Alliance for the 200-hour registration and use the letters RYT200 after your name.

Tonight was my first class back teaching post teacher training last week, and my gosh was it delightful!

More than ever I understand what yoga is, and why I do it. I am so charged with passion and an eagerness to share my knowledge around, which makes the work a joy and so very purposeful.

My instructions were delivered with absolute conviction and a confidence that can only be achieved when speaking ones truth, as well as stemming from a heartfelt place. I saw my students with eyes anew, and noticed subtleties which can only be observed after time spent with a GREAT teacher (or 100 years on my mat).

Nicky Knoff you have well and truly set this lil yogi up with the best foundations anyone could ask for. Thanks you!! I will see you soon for level 2 teacher training.

Steph Baron


Steph Baron, July 2016

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