Dear Nicky and James,

I wanted to tell you about one of my students! She came after breaking her neck in a car accident. Absolutely everything was difficult or impossible at first, I honestly didn’t think she’d keep coming. But she did, and kept working in her capacity despite everything being so hard. It’s been a couple of years now, and her Salamba Sarvangasana (which was impossible of course at first) is the straightest line I have ever seen, and she is getting really strong in Salamba Sirsasana, and Matsyasana! All of the doctors said, keep doing yoga!! Her practice is really attentive, and you can see the benefits of practice in her whole expression, beautiful.

Well I have to keep coming back to all of the things I say, teach, that I learned from you two and remind myself all the time. Lifelong work 🙂 Thank you so much.

Stay well and enjoy that Queensland sunshine and Pacific sea breeze!

lots of love,

Lisa Steffan
Knoff Yoga Teacher and Student

Lisa Steffan

Dear Nicky and James,

So great to see you (via Skype)! Thank you for the superb lesson. The fine alignment cues really helped me to find stability like never before in a few poses and more opening in others. To be the pose, as you said. I have homework ?. I am grateful for your advice for my knee pain, how to approach certain asana and how to heal it. Thank you!!

Lisa Steffan (France)

Lisa Steffan

“Dear Nicky, thanks for your birthday wishes. I am certainly happy having received your teacher training courses long time ago. The exactness, understanding of the structure of your system and the practice of teaching during the training has helped me immensely to build confidence for teaching straight away after the courses.

Thanks for all that.
❤️ Ingrid Urban Oct 2019

Ingrid Urban

Dear Nicky,

I have felt like sending you an email for quite some time now but I have always hesitated. I just want to say thank you for everything that you have taught me, and for all your patience. You are an inspiration to me and I love you dearly. I think a lot about before I came to your course and where I am now mentally, spiritually and physically. Although I know I have a long way to go I am thankful for all the knowledge you have shared with me, it keeps me going every day. I hope you and James are well I always wish you both the best always! I can’t wait to see you again and learn more. I guess this email is just to express my gratitude to you and James and also to let you know I always think of you and I love you lots!

Love always,

Jasmine Michael, Teacher Training Student 2019

Jasmine Michael, Teacher Training Student 2019

‘I attended Nicky’s Master Class in Cairns yesterday, these hours and moments were amazing & very special to me, thank you from the bottom of my heart.’

Cora Kracke (Master Class Student – Cairns August 2019)

Cora Kracke (Master Class Student – Cairns August 2019)

Hi James,

I know I speak for the others on the Discovery Teacher Training course when I say that it was an amazing week and that learning from Nicky is a truly transformative experience. She and others shared many beautiful (and amusing!) stories about you during the course. I hope I will have the opportunity to meet you in person at a future training or event.

Thanks so much to you and Nicky for your contribution to yoga and for the opportunity to learn from you.



Dear Nicky, I love the way my mind has evolved since this summer. I can see how now I have learned to use the tools. I have gained a new confidence in myself emotionally speaking. I know that when I find myself stressing out about things in the future, I have to just come back to present and focus on this. What else matters more? How will I be able to do “that” thing in 6 months if I don’t take care of my life now? This is something that is helping me enormously. You may not remember saying this, but I have it written in my foundation diary that I was writing while in Cairns. You once said: “anxiety comes exclusively from not being able to be in the moment”. I have surely made treasure of these words.

So once again thank you! I am so very much hoping to seeing you in April.

Carla Sanfilippo – Foundation Teacher Trainee July 2018 Cairns

Carla Sanfilippo

I hope you are enjoying life at Kings Beach after TT. When you were here I mentioned that every time I did yoga in your class I felt like having a great shower.
I just found out why I felt that feeling. When I am in your class and doing asana with your voice of instruction my brain understands what you are explaining and same time my body is doing exactly what you are telling without thinking as I memorised everything from experiences of your classes, TT and etc into my celler level. Your voice, my body and mind are synchronising. That’s why I feel like having a wonderful and long shower through my whole body from top of my head down to my toes. What a fantastic feeling it is!!!

I hope I explained well enough for you to understand my feeling with my poor English.

Knoff System Teacher and student. October 2018

Tomoko Gregory

Not long after my Knoff Yoga foundation teacher training I finally fell pregnant, I think the universe wanted me to complete the TT first. During my pregnancy I really appreciated the squat sequence especially during the days my ankles were aching, and the barrel was fantastic for my slight kyphosis on my thoracic spine (which is hardly there now thanks to using the barrel regularly). It was such a different experience from my first pregnancy where I experienced a lot of back pain. I kept up my yoga practice until around 37 weeks and felt so strong and vital the whole way through! And my baby Charlotte is a very happy bubba.

Diane Curtis Teacher Training Student

Diane Curtis Teacher Training Student

Hi Nikki (and Hi there James)

Well better late than never I guess! It was almost this time last year that I was around 27-30weeks pregnant with my son Reagan and completing Foundation teacher training. He’s now 8 and a half months!

I felt I had to write to you to let you know about my journey through the rest of my pregnancy and labour (and I did say that I would keep in touch and let you know!) I also know that I owe a huge part of the great health and well-being I had while pregnant, to you and your wealth of wisdom and knowledge that you so freely shared with me over the course… and of course you too James! And Ross!!

Foundation literally changed the health of my pregnancy. My blood pressure didn’t drop no where near as much, I felt energized, I remained fit, flexible and healthy throughout my pregnancy, I was so ‘intouch’ with my body… and ‘oh my god’ I bounced back super quick! I literally had my first (gentle and much shorter in duration) practice 5 days after giving birth. Wow, didn’t I realized then how hard I had been working in foundation and the rest of my pregnancy haha! The asanas were a lot ‘easier’ without that bundle of joy in there! And I continued a pretty full practice right up until the day I gave birth (yes even a full sun salutation with that huge belly).

I cannot wait to continue on and complete pregnancy yoga (and holistic A and B!) so I can share this with EVERY pregnant mumma out there that is wanting to learn. It is so valuable!

Thank you Nikki for strongly recommending that I complete foundation even though I was pregnant – The experience alone, on top of the health benefits, was an added bonus towards my future as a teacher!

Another huge thank you for triggering me to work through my ‘fear’ of labour. During a private lesson when I was 3 months pregnant, I told you I was terrified to go through labour again. You of course told me to not be, as my body would physically hold that fear, which would make for a difficult labour. I worked through this (with the help of great visual ideas and information with Hypnobirthing) and my labour was amazing. I actually LOVED the experience!

It was a short 6hours from the time I was questioning if I was in labour.. to the time my beautiful boy entered the world. 2 hours into it, I was practicing in-between contractions (the squat sequence and sitting postures, cat/cow in particular felt great), and I was just that comfortable, and managing every ‘surge’ with 1 of the most powerful tools – breathing (yogic full breath and ujjayi breath). Seriously – why aren’t theses tools (yoga and ujjayi) taught at antenatal classes?!

I arrived at the hospital only a short 45 mins before he was born, and again it was such an organic experience due to (I believe) my yogic training. I was so in touch with my body and my baby. I gave birth in the squat position (thanks to my hardcore teacher making us hold this for a very long time, building lots of strength 😉 haha).

Maybe it’s his personality, coincidence, or maybe the yoga, energy work and essential oils I use that have something to contribute to it, but Reagan is the most ‘chilled’ out baby, full of happiness and contentment!

I refer to you as ‘Nikki, my yogi grandmother’ when I talk about you 🙂 You must have changed so many lives with your passion and I know for sure that you have a lot of souls out there that are full of a lot of love, admiration, respect and gratitude for you!

Thank you for being such a powerful positive influence in my life. I hope this finds you well and enjoying your gorgeous new home on the sunny coast. May god abundantly bless you and James!

Renee Clifford
Foundation Teacher Trainee Cairns 2017

Renee Clifford – Foundation Teacher Trainee Cairns 2017

Dear James and Nicky,

Your coming leave of Cairns and this most recent newsletter has me deeply reflecting on my time in Cairns (and Bali), my yoga journey/ life journey. There is probably not a week goes by that somewhere in my practice, or my meditation or my response to something in a day that I do not hear your voice. I have to say that I love when there are photos posted, I can smell the room, feel the energies, see you in the room, know those spaces, to have been/ and it still is a part of that/ of me. My teacher, Peter Sanson often says: ‘There is a small box sitting here (in your heart). It is Atman. Turn your attention here. That is yoga.’ Therein. also, you both will always reside.

What did I take away, above and beyond so many things in my time spent with you, and will always hold in my heart – more than anything else – your deep love that underlines, imbues, permeates everything else; and that, what is at essence is not the asanas/ what you can or can not do, but the love with which it is imbued; the yoga that is alive in every cell of your beings, the two of you. My gratitude and love, Go well in this next turn of the road, Rochelle


I am so glad I did the workshop. It was great that so many had been working with people who had illness or disabilities.

My cousin found it really challenging. She has alot of hip and lower back issues.

She was actually born with dislocated hips.

Even though she did very little movement in the session, she slept so well and felt amazing the next morning.

She was so happy that she came along and finally meet you after all my workshop stories.

My friend Nicole was also there.

She is a massage therapist and teaches pilates.

Nicole met you at the free class you gave late last year.

She could not believe how deeply it worked and said she completely underestimated what type of practice could be offered on a chair.

Nicky you are looking so healthy and strong. Your passion for helping all people with yoga and movement really inspires me.

Sending love

Cherie Flynn
Chair Yoga Teacher Training Student April 2018

Cherie Flynn – Chair Yoga Teacher Training Student April 2018

Hi Nicky,

I just wanted to personally thank you for the amazing course you held in Melbourne on the weekend.

I walked away feeling inspired and ready to teach my aged care residents the amazing benefits of chair yoga with the view to the improving and getter better quality of life.

I really do hope you can offer Discovery courses in Melbourne soon. I will be there with bells on.

I appreciate you giving us your wealth of knowledge, your passion and your invaluable time.

If there is ever anything I can do for you, please just say the word.

Jacqui Kowalewski
Chair Yoga Teacher Training Student April 2018

Jacqui Kowalewski – Chair Yoga Teacher Training Student April 2018

Much love from Sri Lanka. Nicky is an amazing teacher and picked up everything I need to correct in my everyday asanas. I’m so happy I took up Discovery Teacher Training with Knoff Yoga.

Miuru Jayaweera
Sri Lanka Teacher Trainee March 2018

Miuru Jayaweera – Sri Lanka Teacher Trainee March 2018

First met Nikki and James at their annual Bali retreat back in 2011.
After just completing my yoga teacher training, I felt I was in need of some extra inspiration and guidance before starting my teaching journey.

I can honestly say that the week or so spent with Nikki and James was one of the most transformational, educational and inspiring ones of my life. To soak up the wisdom of two people who walk their talk and have so many years of experience and knowledge was truly amazing.

One of the most significant moments for me was when I had a conversation with Nikki about not feeling ready to teach. On some level I was thinking ‘she is the ultimate teacher… I can’t call myself a teacher!’ Nikki said ‘you need to start. Just begin and trust that you will attract students that you can help. Trust you know enough to offer them something’. So that’s exactly what I did.

It’s been 7 years and I’ve been teaching as my full time job ever since.

There’s few yoga masters out there. I consider myself very lucky to have met and learned from the real deal.

Thank you Nikki and James. I have so much appreciation for you and how you have shaped me as a student and a teacher.

In love and yoga,

Tara Aldridge
True Nature Yoga Perth.

Tara Aldridge – True Nature Yoga Perth

Dear Nicky and James

I wanted to say a very big thank you for this year.

Having done Discovery, Chair, Foundation and Intermediate, it has been a year of immersing myself in my passion. I feel like I’ve had a whole new take on my career, direction and purpose, I feel more alive and happy then I ever have.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for being such amazing teachers.

Wishing you both a wonderful Christmas & new year.

Look forward to seeing you both soon!

Warm regards,

Merae Kayrouz -Teacher Training Student 2017

Merae Kayrouz – Teacher Training Student 2017

Dear Nicki and James

Touching base with you since completing the Discovery Course in July. Such a short course but it has transformed my practice and facilitated major changes to my daily yoga practice.

Prior to Cairns I was practicing Ashtanga 2 or 3 times per week with Denis Juelicher in Port Macquarie. I have now withdrawn from Ashtanga practice for the moment and have set up a practice room at home. I practice every morning 6 days per week. Its been a bit of a back to basics, start all over again experience. I purchased the Foundation USB in Cairns and have been working through this syllabus. My practice is shorter than my previous ashtanga sessions but doing less asana more often is proving to be much better for me and also fits well with my work commitments My 12 years of ashtanga have had a strong emphasis on asana. Pranyama and meditation are now getting more attention and time. Knowledge and application of the Principles of Practice has been incredibly transforming.

The Knoff syllabus seems to work well for me and I am keen to learn more. I have no aspirations of becoming a yoga teacher but the teacher training seems to be a great way to “really learn”. It is possible that I may use any teaching qualification that I gain in my work as a school teacher.

I want to do the foundation course in Melbourne but I keep hesitating with the application process as I have had a hamstring tendon injury for quite a few months. I have finally consulted a physio and really hope that it heals before then. I guess what I am asking is, will it be ok to do the foundation course even though I may have an injury that affects my ability to execute some of the asanas?

With thanks for the great work that you do in sharing your years of exploration and learning.

Heather Hannock
Discovery Teacher Training Student July 2017

Discovery Teacher Training Student July 2017

Knoff Yoga offers an exceptional teacher training program that guides students to an authentic yoga practice of the highest calibre. Master teachers Nicky Knoff and James E. Bryan are the ‘real deal’ when it comes to yogis and generously impart their combined 70+ years of knowledge as taught to them by BKS Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois. The Knoff Yoga System provides an excellent framework through which to learn, progress and teach yoga and gives clarity to this ancient art for a modern day practice, without compromising the authenticity of the work. I found every aspect of the course delivered exactly what I needed to be a strong, confident and happy yoga practitioner and teacher. Expect to work hard but you will be greatly rewarded, in more ways than you can imagine!

Erica Knight Teacher Training Student – 2017

Erica Knight Teacher Training Student – 2017

Hi James & Penina

I just wanted to say thanks for your time and knowledge at the workshop. Even though I could only get to the Sunday I got a lot out of it. I headed away straight after for a week working in the South Island, just getting back yesterday. My first night was camping out and the next morning I was doing my yoga underneath this Kāhikatea tree, an impressive specimen, and lying beneath its trunk and looking up it seemed like it was in a very impressive tadasana.

It reminded me of this very short song, which pretty much sums up my feelings of the mind and body connection of yoga for me at the moment.

Thanks again, and James please give my best to Nicky.

Go well

E tū kāhikatea

E tū kāhikatea
He whakapae ururoa
Awhi mai awhi atu
Tātou tātou e

Stand like the kāhikatea (tree)
To brave the storms
Embrace and receive
We are one together

Wellington Workshop Attendee Nov 2017


Phil – Nov 2017

I wanted to say thank you so much for inviting James to the studio, he was a fantastic and inspiring teacher and I can’t wait to see him here again.

Thanks again
Kind regards

Attendee to James Bryan’s Master Class in Canberra July 2017

Clare – July 2017

Just a short note to thank you for the Therapy A & B programs which were simply great. You both deal yogic quality in spades and it is truly Cairns’ loss to see you head south. But what is really notable is the element of amiable fun that you bring to the mat that makes the learning curve that much more interesting and vivid. Thanking you for all these years of instruction and insight.

Hope the transition to the Sunshine Coast is an easy one and and I’ll see you, inshallah, in the not too distant future in Adelaide.

September 2017

Clive Parker – September 2017

Dear James
Thanks so much for everything. I came to the course a little broken, both physically and mentally, and now I can honestly say I feel good! Strong. I’ve also accepted a full time job back in Adelaide, which I didn’t feel up to doing before the course.

I am so grateful to you and Nicky for being so supportive and confident in my abilities, when I didn’t feel that at the time. I’m so glad I didn’t give up on the blindfolded yoga session too. It was so confronting for me, on many levels, but I learned so much.

I’ll be continuing my daily practice and may even offer lunchtime sessions at my new place of work (a training organisation where I’ll be mentoring people who want to start new businesses.

I hope to see you both very soon

Brooke – August 2017

Finding the Knoff Yoga School has truly changed my life for the better. Australia was a long way away, but on the strong recommendation of a yoga teacher and friend, I decided to put my trust in Knoff. Versus, my other inclination, which was to attend the more “name brand” or “original” yoga schools in India. No choice in my life has had a more profound impact. I cannot say enough good things about both Nicky Knoff and James E. Bryan and the complete yoga system that they have built up over a lifetime of incredible study, practice and teaching. I don’t think there are any other teachers out there who compare. They teach not only the practice on the mat, but also how yoga is a full life practice.

Toko Hara
Teacher trainee June 2017

Toko Hara – Teacher trainee – June 2017

Hello Nicky,

I am writing to thank you for such a wonderful 2 days of your teaching.

I am SO glad I did Foundation as well, how easy we forget to spend time in these postures taking them right back to basics!

Thank you for all of your adjustments & explaining when doing so. My body ached so much each evening which confirmed how much I was working.

Thanks once again.
Love Cherie Flynn

Student at Master Class Workshop in Melbourne May 2017

Love Cherie Flynn – May 2017


I just wanted to say I LOVED JAMES workshop in Adelaide a few weekends back- I got SO much out of it- thank you!!

I’ve been teaching for ten years now and I feel like you just perfectly articulated everything I’m trying to put out there, so thank you for your skill and clarity in sharing.

I would LOVE a copy of your closing words/ prayers you use if you are open to sharing? Your words resonated beautifully. Many Thanks

Warm Regards,
Kristin Nelson
Fleurieu Yoga

Kristin Nelson – Fleurieu Yoga – June 2017

Dear Nicky,

I see you often but every time when I see you I don’t have time to talk to you. I decided to write Email instead.

I had 3 new students in my class the other day. They have been doing yoga for about 10 years. As soon as they were on the mat I realised that they didn’t know the foundation and any other principles of practice. They have their own habits. After that class I was just thinking about yoga generally. All physical habits come from the habits of our mind which is our ego.

The way you have been teaching us by using the principle of practice leads us to change our old physical incorrect habits. That changes our mental habits and we become free from ego.

Both our body and mind are balanced and have harmony. We feel comfortable physically and mentally. Comfort makes us happy. This is what the difference between yoga and other physical exercise too.

That reminds me that teaching and doing the principle of practice is very simple but very powerful.

There is a possibility that I could have been stuck with my old habits if I went to other yoga school. I can’t appreciate enough that you are my teacher. I am so lucky.

Tomoko Gregory
Knoff Yoga System Teacher
June 2017

Tomoko Gregory – Knoff Yoga System Teacher – June 2017

Please accept my sincere gratitude and thanks. I feel honoured and nurtured to have been with you yesterday for the private session. I had the best nights sleep and am awake early ready to do my neck exercises.

Judy Chapell

Private therapy session with Nicky Knoff for neck pain – April 2017

Before coming to The Yoga school I thought I had been practicing yoga… little did I know that I had only just been touching the surface and my practice was about to transform entirely.

The Yoga School teachers have such a thorough, detailed understanding of the entire human body. Their verbal cueing on how to access each and every posture is exceptional and of a standard I have never experienced before.

Practicing at The Yoga School has helped me on an emotional level through an extremely challenging period of life. It has also helped me on my journey of recovering from a major surgery and the subsequent functional misalignments I have experienced in my body.

Thank you so much to each teacher at The Yoga School for offering such a wonderful space to learn, transform and feel at home. Cairns is very blessed to have such a great school.


Erin – February 2017

I have waited over 20 years to be taught by Nicky, I loved her passion, wisdom and insightful commentary throughout the training.

Maddi Lock

Foundation Teacher Training – January 2017

I regularly attempted to run up Earl Hill, but could not run all the way to the top, I could always only get around half way.
Long story short I damaged my MCL in my Right Knee and put me out of action, I could not run anymore.
I had my teacher training course with Knoff Yoga which is a 3 week intensive course.
Total time with my injury and teacher training time, meant I had not ran or attempted Earl Hill for 3 months.
After my teacher training I went back and ran up 3/4 of the way. Couple of days after I attempted it again and could run the whole of Earl Hill and have been ever since.

My lung capacity was not there before my teacher training course. Now my lungs are able to expand further to allow a full breath and supply my body with more oxygen. Allowing my to have enough fuel to reach the top of Earl Hill, running.

To go from never being able run Earl Hill, then not running at all for 3 months and then suddenly being able to run all the way to the top, was 100% due to an increase in Lung Volume. The Yoga Postures and Pranayama (Breathing exercises) allowed the surrounding muscles of my Thoracic Cavity (rig cage area) to release and my lungs can expand further. This along with the strengthening of my Diaphragm.

I never knew how little of a lung capacity I had until now and it also continues to expand further. Every week I am noticing a little extra with my breathing. There are many more improvements in my overall health and wellbeing thanks to the Knoff Yoga System and the teachers.

Adam Phillips

Adam Phillips, September 2016

I want to say a very big thank you to Nicki, James and the entire Knoff Yoga teaching staff for supporting and nurturing me and my baby through my yoga practice during pregnancy. Your guidance allowed me to continue to practice yoga asana safely, with suitable adjustments and modifications right up to the day of my birth. I felt so much support and kindness from the entire Knoff yoga community, including other students at the school. I had a beautiful birth and I attribute a lot of this to Knoff yoga system and the breathing techniques I learnt at the school.

See you all back in class soon,
Tanya and Quinn

Tanya and Quinn, September 2016

Dearest Nicky. Working with you today was amazing , my sincerest gratitude for your mastery and your wisdom. I cant imagine where I would be today if I had not met you many years ago. You have also shown my children a way to live their lives, I could never thank you enough. Thank you for your kind words, they give me much inspiration.

My love is always with you xxx.

Tess Boes, Owner of Yoga Align, Australia, July 2016

Tonight was my first class back teaching post teacher training last week, and my gosh was it delightful! <3

More than ever I understand what yoga is, and why I do it. I am so charged with passion and an eagerness to share my knowledge around, which makes the work a joy and so very purposeful.

My instructions were delivered with absolute conviction and a confidence that can only be achieved when speaking ones truth, as well as stemming from a heartfelt place. I saw my students with eyes anew, and noticed subtleties which can only be observed after time spent with a GREAT teacher (or 100 years on my mat) 😛

Nicky Knoff you have well and truly set this lil yogi up with the best foundations anyone could ask for. Thanks you!! I will see you soon for level 2 teacher training.


Steph Baron

Steph Baron, July 2016

Hello Denis,

I am writing to you to unreservedly recommended James Bryan as a professional and well-liked yoga teacher and presenter.
I had the pleasure of meeting James when he travelled to Canberra to be a featured presenter at the Summer’s End Yoga Festival. James’ courteous and enthusiastic approach was evident from our first interaction when I invited him to our festival. James responded to my initial enquiry promptly with good questions about the goals of the festival and how he might be able to contribute.
James continued to be responsive and professional in negotiating his involvement and clearly had the best interest of Summer’s End Yoga Festival in the front of his mind. In short, James was easy to work with and I hope to be able do so again.
James attended both Saturday and Sunday of the festival and presented two excellent and well-received sessions. He also actively participated in activities across the whole weekend being a great ambassador for yoga and the festival. I find this very important in a featured presenter as the additional involvement adds great value to the festival and the participants. I observed James simply chatting to participants about their yoga experience and saw him being genuinely interested regardless of their stage of development on their yoga journey.
Participants also provided positive feedback, noting that James executes ‘the best downward dog I have ever seen’ and asking if we could have him back again next year. One experienced yoga instructor who attended his 2-hour session took pages of notes, soaking in the experience and wisdom he was willing to share and the manner in which he interacted with the participants.James is authentic. He has a strong sense of community and displayed great generosity with his time.
I would be delighted to provide more feedback if you’d like to discuss my recommendation further.

Jen Brown

Hello Nicky & James,

A quick message from Melbourne to thank you so much Nicky for the Melbourne Intensive early March.It was so wonderful to have classes with you 5 days in a row, each day building on the one before.The first day I realised just how much I had missed your warm-hearted teaching method, humour, attentive eye for detail and your incredible depth of knowledge & experience.I do feel that if you tell me I can do something, that it will be possible (with extra committed pracice the most likely requirement).I love watching you assist students deepen into postures, increase their body awareness or let go of fears.

Cherie Flyn Student from Melbourne, March 2016

“I had the good fortune to study with Nicky five days a week for nine months in 1979. At that time Nicky was teaching in the University of Auckland. Studying with Nicky was a life-changing experience. Before that I had no understanding of how beneficial yoga could be or that it was a science for the integration of the body and mind into a state of harmony. Nicky showed me that yoga was much more than exercise. Immediately after those nine months I went to India and spent three very intensive weeks with BKS Iyengar, which was another very beneficial experience.

I have continued my yoga on a daily basis throughout the years. In 2009 I spent two months in Cairns, again studying yoga with Nicky. Her style and knowledge of yoga had deepened during the thirty years since we had last done yoga together. Now she wasn’t a teacher, she was a true master who had helped thousands of people.

In 2009 I also, of course, studied with James. Although James’ teaching style is different than Nicky’s, I also have benefited immensely from it. Both of them are true masters whom I have been blessed to have come into contact with. I can’t imagine that there is anyone who would not benefit from studying with them.

Tom Riddle, Ohio, USA, March 2016

I started Yoga classes during a bleak period in my life, about 20 years ago. While no magic fairy dust transformed me , my whole outlook is different now. Insommnia used to be my plague, lying awake and beating myself up because I should be asleep and recharging my batteries but my mind wouldn’t shut down. Yoga has taught me to do that. Now I look forward to 5:30 a.m. when I can rise and shine and stretch for 30 to 40 minutes. For me,it’s better than sleeping in, and way better than Insommnia…Yoga is a very welcome part of my life.

Thanks to all Yoga teachers,

Leon Gordon, March 2016

I would like to applaud Knoff Yoga School for their most excellent standard of Yoga Teacher Training.

As an international yoga teacher I travel and teach in many countries in South East Asia and also Europe.  Over the past   10 years   I have always been asked to recommend a good yoga teachers training course   wherever I go. Unhesitatingly I have always directed those who are serious about becoming teachers to Knoff Yoga Teacher Training.

You will be challenged on all levels and Nicky & James will extract your true potential.

As I keep returning to teach in the same countries I have the privilege often of meeting again the students who successfully did the Knoff Yoga TTC sometimes months or years later. I am never disappointed, and more often astonished by the change in the student in front of me.  The common factor being I see a clarity, confidence and maturity in them and without a doubt I know I would trust that person to teach a class.

To me Knoff Yoga Teacher Training is like’ the organic whole meal bread ‘of all the Yoga Teacher Trainings available today.  It is the one I trust, with all the essential nutrients and ingredients to give a really complete start to teaching yoga.

It is for this reason that I always have, and will continue to send potential yoga teachers to them.

About Paddy: Paddy teaches with passion her ever evolving quest to “unbutton the spine” so it can dance. Using backbends and other classic yoga postures coming from her long term practice under the guidance of yogacharya Venkatesh, Mysore, India and from her Iyengar background, as well as a less conventional but very deep approach, drawing from her more recent studies under Diane Long and John Stirk (UK); she aims to inspire students to develop their own self practice.

Paddy was  based in Sri Lanka from 1989 and in 2011 relocated to Thailand. She teaches yoga workshops and intensive retreats throughout Asia. Once a year, she comes to Europe to teach a schedule of intensive retreats and workshops.

Paddy McGrath Yoga Teacher

Nicky and James are wonderful teachers and they live and breathe Yoga in their daily life.

Yoga is a lifelong path as well as a path of transformation.  Having a genuine teacher is a key ingredient.

I feel very fortunate to have had James and Nicky as my teachers.

Since my training I have referred many people to their teacher training courses and have always received great feedback.

At Knoff Yoga students receive hands on input from two of Australia’s leading Master teachers.  Both Nicky and James are with the students from the beginning of the course to the end and are always available for on-going support and interaction.

I highly recommend them.

Find out more about Mark here:

Mark Togni, Certificated Knoff Yoga Master Level Yoga Practitioner, Gold Coast Yoga Centre

I have been practicing and teaching Yoga myself for many years and was seeking to attend a 200 hour training to commit deeper to my practice. I traveled half way around the world (Dresden, Germany) to study Knoff Yoga because the moment I met Nicky many months before, it was obvious to me that she is a person who has dedicated her life very wisely and effectively to the teachings. Nicky is a true Master in the art of Yoga. She is honest, precise and has many great stories to share from over 40 years’ experience on the Yoga mat. Her knowledge of the body and asanas along with her keen eye provided our group with incredible adjustments that ensured each and every one of us understood – at the cellular level – how wonderful and trans-formative a solid Yoga practice can be. I am ever grateful for how generously Nicky passed on her wisdom and would recommend Knoff Yoga to anyone. Thank you!  Amber Spear, Yoga teacher & student, Perth, AUSTRALIA.

Amber begun practicing Yoga 20 years ago as an accompaniment to her many physical disciplines at the time, and has since then been teaching for 10. Her Yoga practice has taken her to explore the highest peaks of the Himalayas as well as study with many modern day masters all over the world. Amber met Nicky Knoff in 2010 and has been practicing Knoff Yoga ever since. Amber offers workshops, trainings and retreats globally, please visit

Amber Spear