CAIRNS with James Bryan 20th – 22nd September 2019

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Early bird finishes 9th August. Single sessions from $65, entire course from $240

This Workshop is divided into 4 parts. Each session is designed to broaden your overall knowledge of yoga. All 4 sessions will be linked together, so at the completion you will have a deeper understanding of how Knoff Yoga works.

Friday starts with the Knoff Yoga 5 levels of Sun Salutations. These are progressive: Discovery, Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced and Master. Each level prepares you for the next. If you are ever
short on time a properly activated Sun Salutation can almost be a complete practice in itself.

The 1st session on Saturday will unlock the building blocks of asana practice. We will explore the basic shapes and look at how they are inserted into various poses and combined to make many more.

The 2nd session on Saturday will focus on the 5 Pillars of Practice: Asana (alignment), Bandha (location, how to activate, and their benefits), Drishti (the eyes have it), Ujjayi Pranayama (how to do it
correctly), and Vinyasa (linking techniques which turbo charge your practice).

On Sunday we will pull the preceding 3 sessions together for an hour of energizing asana and then dive deep inside with an hour of peace: guided relaxation, pranayama, and meditation based on
the theory of brain wave patterns.

For more information about this course please Download the Brochure.

Dates: Friday 20th, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd September 2019
James Bryan will be teaching at: The Yoga School, Cairns.
For more information and booking visit theyogaschool


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