GOLD COAST Inversion Master Class with Nicky Knoff 28th September 2019

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Nicky Knoff will guide you through the step by step progression required to perform a safe and beneficial headstand. Including Dolphin 1, 2 & 3, using the floor, the wall and a chair. She’ll show you how to obtain the essential body mind connection to float into headstand and develop the strength and endurance to hold the pose for extended periods of time. When we feel effortless effort in our headstand we are experiencing the King of all yoga poses as it should be. This is a journey that takes patience and commitment, there are no short cuts.

Shoulderstand is considered to be the Queen of all yoga poses and she deserves a comparable amount of consideration as her King. Nicky will educate you in the correct method to come into and out of shoulderstand, what to do when you’re in the pose and again how to find that effortless effort.

In addition to headstand and shoulderstand Nicky will help you to safely explore handstand and forearm balance.

The workshop will finish with pranayama techniques from the Intermediate syllabus.

When: Saturday 28th September 2019 1pm – 5pm (15 minute break).
Investment: $150
Venue: The Gold Coast Yoga Centre, 37/2 Eighth Avenue, Palm Beach
For more information and bookings, contact Laura 07 5534 2883 |

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