On a physical level, the goal of yoga is mastery of principle and technique. On a spiritual level, the goal is cultivating a profound sense of belonging in the universe, of oneness with the life-force.

Being a master is someone who never stops learning, who never stops experimenting, and who never feels that they know everything and has stopped learning. 

Being a master is someone who constantly applies what he or she has learned in yoga to their daily life, to continue improving his/her own life experience.

You will gain an extensive overview of the multi-faceted components of this ancient science and learn how to see the simplicity in the complexity.

 This Course follows on from Level 8 – Advanced, with the same format but with a new syllabus: 73 asanas, extensive pranayama, 3 meditation techniques, yoga philosophy, anatomy and teaching methodology.

This Course is not registered with any governing body (Yoga Alliance or Yoga Australia) simply because there is not a high enough standard to recognise it.

You will receive a Teacher Training Handbook, Level 9 – Master Manual and your Teaching Certificate.

Pre-requisite: Level 1 – Discovery, Level 3 – Foundation, Level 7 – Intermediate and Level 8 – Advanced.

For more information about this Course please Download the Brochure.

You are required to submit a detailed Teacher Training Application Form or Download the Print Version to gain acceptance to the Course.