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Knoff Yoga combines the anatomical alignment and intelligence of Iyengar Yoga, with the energetic principles of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, resulting in the 5 Pillars of Practice.


Knoff Yoga is a system-based program, which is logical, clear and easy to understand. Knoff Yoga takes an extremely complex subject and intelligently simplifies it. Knoff Yoga is grounded in tradition and incorporates western scientific principles. You learn how to teach from a solid base of knowledge, imparting confidence – all the work has been done, you simply follow the systems and guide your students.


1. You study under the guidance of a Master Teacher with over 50 years experience.

2. All classes are dedicated to Teacher Training – not public classes.

3. Courses are designed so you are certificated and may teach straight away using the comprehensive course content.

4. Flexible learning with levels, plus options to split courses to fit into your schedule.

5. Courses are based on modern learning methodology.

6. Each level prepares you for the next with logical progression.

7. Principle-based so that you are not rote learning or following a script. The principles free you to teach from your own unique understanding.

8. Easy to follow systems so you can teach with substance and guide with confidence. Systems mean:

• You teach with substance and guide with confidence.

• You do not have to reinvent the wheel for every class.

• You do not have to be a super yogi – just share and care. A cornerstone of Knoff Yoga is the appropriate use of props (straps, blankets, blocks, bricks, bolsters, chairs, inversion swings, etc.). Using props where they are necessary, but gradually working towards freedom from the props and full expression of classical postures in order to develop the full expression of our human potential. We call the Knoff Yoga intensive approach to training the ‘Baked Cake Method’. If you want to bake a cake and it requires one hour in the oven, you do not remove it every ten minutes, let it cool down, and then put it back in the oven. If you do, you end up with an inedible mess! You need the powerful cumulative effects of deepening your practice and teaching if you want to be a credible teacher with your own experience and insights.

Knoff Yoga offers 9 Levels of Teacher Training for continuing professional development split into two streams:

Discovery Chair Yoga
Foundation Pregnancy Yoga
Intermediate Yoga – Holistic Healing A (structural)
Advanced Yoga – Holistic Healing B (organic)
Master Yoga – Holistic Healing B (organic)

These courses fit together in a progressive system that allows you to complete them over a period of time to suit you:

◦ Level 1 – Discovery (1 week)

◦ Level 2 – Chair Yoga (2 days)

◦ Level 3 – Foundation (3 weeks)

◦ Level 4 – Pregnancy Yoga (1 week)

◦ Level 5 – Yoga – Holistic Healing A (1 week)

◦ Level 6 – Yoga – Holistic Healing B (1 week)

◦ Level 7 – Intermediate (4 weeks)

◦ Level 8 – Advanced (4 weeks)

◦ Level 9 – Master (4 weeks) (Please note longer courses can be split, e.g. 2 weeks at a time.)


• Ensure you meet the course pre-requisites.

• Check the course dates are suitable.

• Download the appropriate brochure from our Home Page for detailed information of the course.

• Complete the Application Form and return to the Program Director for review and acceptance.

• Once your application is approved a non-refundable deposit will be requested to book your place.

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Early-birds: An early-bird discount is available if you choose to pay the full amount six weeks prior to the commencement of the course. Please view the relevant course brochure for more details. These brochures can be found on the landing page of each individual course. If you initially pay the deposit only, to guarantee your place on the course the balance of all fees must be paid four weeks prior to the commencement of the course.

• Level 1 – Discovery $1,299 (Deposit $200)

• Level 2 – Chair Yoga $449 (Deposit $100)

• Level 3 – Foundation $3,599 (Deposit $400)

• Level 4 – Pregnancy Yoga $1,299 (Deposit $200)

• Level 5 – Yoga – Holistic Healing A $1,299 (Deposit $200)

• Level 6 – Yoga – Holistic Healing B $1,299 (Deposit $200)

• Level 7 – Intermediate $4499 (Deposit $500)

• Level 8 – Advanced $4499 (Deposit $500)

• Level 9 – Master $4499 (Deposit $500)


• The Discovery Course is the beginning.

• To attend Discovery, you need to have been attending regular yoga classes for a minimum of 1 year so that you are moderately yoga-fit.

• To attend Chair Yoga a regular yoga practice (any style of yoga) for a minimum of 12 months is required. The postures and techniques covered in this Course are modifications of the Discovery and Foundation Courses. While it is not mandatory to attend the Discovery and Foundation courses to attend Chair Yoga it is recommended, as having a good understanding of these makes Chair Yoga more accessible and relatable.

• Discovery is the pre-requisite for Foundation.

• Discovery and Foundation are the pre-requisites for Pregnancy, Yoga Holistic Healing A, Yoga Holistic Healing B and Intermediate.

• Intermediate is the pre-requisite for Advanced.

• Advanced is the pre-requisite for Master.


Each of the 9 Levels of Teacher Training cover a comprehensive syllabus including:

1. Asana – how to achieve correct anatomical alignment, safely and with confidence

2. Pranayama – breath-work for teaching and self-practice

3. Meditation – traditional, simple and effective

4. Teaching Methodology – practice real-time teaching in a supportive environment

5. Philosophy, Ethics & Yogic Lifestyle – the big picture made simple

6. Sanskrit pronunciation – asana names and common yoga terms

7. Applied Anatomy – for safe practice and teaching

8. Knoff Yoga unique:

• Principles of Demonstration

• Principles of Adjusting

• Principles of Observation

• Principles of Practice

• Principles of Sequencing

• Principles of Teaching

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