Yoga Therapy B Teacher Training(Cairns – August 2015)


with Master Teacher Nicky Knoff

CAIRNS, Queensland


Level 5 – Yoga Therapy B

5-Day Intensive



6.15 am – 3.15 pm, Non-residential



 The Yoga School

Suite 14, 159 – 161 Pease St (Piccones Shopping Village), Manoora, CAIRNS

P.O. Box 975, Edge Hill 4870 QLD


 James E. Bryan E.R.Y.T. 500 Program Director

Mobile 0415 362 534




Yoga therapy is the holistic approach to physical and mental well-being that treats acute or chronic ailments, injuries or misalignments by bringing the whole body into symmetry and balance through yoga:

  • Postures
  • Breath-work
  • Meditation

Yoga techniques are adapted to meet the needs and capabilities of the student in personalized one-on-one programs that are designed specifically for each situation and should be practiced at home after the class. Yoga therapy is distinct from other forms of conventional therapy in that it works to alleviate localized symptoms as well as addressing the causal and peripheral imbalances that would otherwise allow the problems to re-occur. Yoga therapy recognizes that the body and mind are interconnected through the agency of the breath and that there is a direct connection between mental and physical states and the condition of the breath. Long slow, steady yoga breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which creates a feeling of peace and calm and allows the body to heal quicker. A Knoff Yoga Therapist treats you with care and consideration and only start working with you after reading your health questionnaire and listening to everything you have to say. The goal of yoga therapy is for the student to take control of his or her health, not only to cure a short-term discomfort, but also to stay healthy in the long-run.


The Yoga Therapy B teacher training course is based on Yoga Therapy A and continues to deepen your knowledge and training. Now we work with more complicated health issues, as well as structural misalignments and organic problems, e.g. Anxiety, arthritis, asthma, blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome, constipation, depression, general fatigue, glandular problems, headaches, heart problems, muscle stiffness, post-traumatic stress, respiratory discomfort, etc. As we rely on public volunteers and their particular health problems, it will depend on who attends as to what exactly is covered in these Yoga Therapy Courses. We make every effort to ensure observe a range of different health issues. It is a testament to our uniqueness that no two Yoga Therapy Courses (A or B) will be exactly the same, as our volunteers will be different each time. You can continue to attend these Courses and keep on learning more. There will be Yoga Therapy classes with volunteer students from the public, so you get to experience working with real people. Learn how to put the theory into practice safely and confidently. In the morning Asana, Pranayama and Meditations sessions, Teacher Trainees will practice actual Yoga Therapy programs in order to feel and understand their application. In the afternoon Teaching Methodology sessions Teacher Trainees assist, provide props, and take photos and notes, while Nicky teaches. You will get feed-back direct from the volunteer students on how they feel after doing the specially designed programs. The Anatomy & Physiology will cover some of the more typical health problems as listed above, and look at how yoga techniques can bring about an improvement. The Philosophy will look at the ‘bigger picture’ of how we are more than just a body, and how healing occurs on many different levels. You will receive a Teacher Training Handbook and Level 6 – Yoga Therapy Manual.


To join the Yoga Therapy B Course, you are required to have Level 1 – Discovery and Level 3 – Foundation certification, or an equivalent 200-hour certification, and Level 5 – Yoga Therapy A. Entry to the Course is by application only (see below). Please see HOW TO APPLY in this brochure for full details of the application process.


When you satisfactorily complete the Course requirements, you will be awarded with the professional credential of a ‘Teaching Certificate’ Yoga Therapy B. Otherwise, you will be awarded with a ‘Statement of Attendance’, providing you attend all classes and complete all assignments. The Yoga Therapy B certificate is valid for 5 years. On completion of the 5-Day intensive, students / teacher trainees have the opportunity to study for a further four weeks intensive teacher training to upgrade their teaching certificate to our Level 7 -Intermediate level.

6:15 – 9:45Asana, Pranayama & MeditationAsana, Pranayama & MeditationAsana, Pranayama & MeditationAsana, Pranayama & MeditationAsana, Pranayama & Meditation
9:45 – 11:45BrunchBrunchBrunchBrunchBrunch
11:45 – 1:00Philosophy, Ethics & Yogic LifestyleAnatomy & PhysiologyPhilosophy, Ethics & Yogic LifestyleAnatomy & PhysiologyPhilosophy, Ethics & Yogic Lifestyle
1:00 – 1:15Tea BreakTea BreakTea BreakTea BreakTea Break
1:15 – 3:15Teaching MethodologyTeaching MethodologyTeaching MethodologyTeaching MethodologyGraduation Ceremony & Certificate Awarding
Certificate Awarding

*Please note – You must attend the Graduation Ceremony to receive your Knoff Yoga Teaching Certificate.


1. A Physiological Handbook for Teachers of Yogasana – Mel Robin ISBN 1587360330 2. Yoga – The Path to Holistic Health – B.K.S. Iyengar ISBN 0751321672 3. Light on Yoga – B.K.S. Iyengar ISBN 0805210318 4. The Woman’s Book of Yoga & Health – Linda Sparrowe ISBN 1570624704 5. A Matter Of Health – Dr. Krishna Raman ISBN 8186852107 6. Back Care Basics – Mary Pullig Schatz, M.D ISBN 0962713821 7. Health Through Yoga–Mira Mehta (may be out of print)ISBN 9780007116 01 Please note: – You need to read these books before attending the Courses. – If a book is out of print, we will not use it. – You may be tested on any aspect of these books. – You need to bring A Physiological Handbook for Teachers of Yogasana with you to the Course. – You do not need to bring the other books, but need to study them in relation to better understand the course content. Some of these books can be purchased our online store.


Complete the online Application Form. We will send you an email that your Application has been approved.


Once your application has been approved a non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to secure your place.

Course fee

A 10% early-bird discount is offered if the full discounted fee of $891 is paid six weeks before the course starts, by 6 July 2015 (see refund policy below). Full Price AUD $990 **The fee covers all tuition, Teacher Training Handbook, Yoga Therapy A Manual and your Teaching Certificate.

Balance of Payment

The balance of the Course fee is to be paid 30 days before the course, by 17 July 2014 unless other arrangements have been agreed to.

Method of Payment

Once your application has been approved by Nicky Knoff, you will need to secure your place with a non-refundable deposit of $200. For national Internet banking, make payment to: Knoff Yoga, BSB 034-664, Account Number 16-8549 (with your surname, Cairns L6 TT as I.D.) For international money transfers, make payment to: Knoff Yoga: Westpac Bank, Cairns Central Shop 117, Cairns Central Shopping Centre, Cairns, Queensland, Australia 4870. Australia Branch Number 034-664, Account Number 16-8549, SWIFT Code wpcau2s.


** Payment of the Early-Bird discounted Course Fees are non-refundable but may be transferred to another Course providing it is attended within 12 months. In all other cases:

  • A non-refundable deposit for each Course is required 30 days prior to start of the Course.
  • Up to 31 days prior to the start of the Course – full refund of your payment less nonrefundable deposit.
  • Within 30 days prior to the start of the Course – no refund, but you may transfer your full payment (including deposit) to another Knoff Yoga Teacher Training Course, providing it is done within 12 months.
  • Once the Course has started – no refund or credits on any payment, partial or full.
  • If the Course does not proceed – 100% refund including deposit.

Note: To obtain a refund, all Course materials must be returned to Knoff Yoga.


If attending from interstate or overseas, we advise you to obtain Travel Insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances.


Yoga Alliance Registration

Knoff Yoga is an officially Registered Yoga School 200 & 300 Hours, with the Yoga Alliance . This one week Level 5 – Yoga Therapy B course can be applied to gain Yoga Alliance 300 hour teacher registration when combined with Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7 Knoff Yoga teacher training. With this international registration you are able to use the letters R.Y.T. 500 (Registered Yoga Teacher) after your name for professional purposes. Special Offers for Certificated Teachers

  • Upon Certification you can automatically apply for free registration on the ‘Certificated Teachers’ page of the Knoff Yoga website.
  • Become a Knoff Yoga System Teacher Join the Knoff Yoga Association Plan B and for less than $2 per week, this membership allows you to get straight into teaching using the fully set-up Knoff Yoga System. We provide you with the copyrighted syllabus, teaching materials, forms, weekly themes & use of our logo for advertising media. In addition, you will have access to continuing online support & updates via our online Member Sign-In (currently under development).


– We publish a monthly e-newsletter to help with your on-going education. – Apply to become a Knoff Yoga System Teacher and receive ongoing support. – Upgrade your Teacher Certification through our 9 Levels of Teacher Training. 7 – Join our workshops and retreats at our Cairns headquarters, throughout Australia & overseas. – Obtain Yoga Alliance international registration


The Knoff Yoga School supplies all yoga equipment, including top quality mats for your use at the school. You will need to bring a yoga mat for home practice. Be sure to bring a sarong or shawl to cover you during relaxation and to wear during meditation and pranayama. Also a bath sized towel. Wear shorts or tights and a close fitting t-shirt or singlet. Loose or baggy clothing interferes with your teacher’s (and your) ability to see your body and its movements. Jewelry and valuables should not be brought to class. This includes navel rings, nipple rings and other piercings! Please no perfumes or deodorants. There is a shower at The Yoga School for your use. It is essential you have short fingernails.


The Course is non-residential, but we are happy to send you our Accommodation List to help you find reasonably priced rooms close to the Knoff Yoga School.


At Knoff Yoga we believe that the rationale or purpose of practising yoga is to experience freedom in the body and mind through the creation of strong, flexible, healthy, independent and disciplined individuals.

Master Teachers Nicky Knoff and James E. Bryan have refined the Knoff Yoga System drawing on over 70 years of combined experience and through direct study with the Masters of Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Bikram Yoga.

Today the Knoff Yoga System is taught to teacher trainees and students across the, globe, in countries as diverse as Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Malaysia, Qatar, Taiwan, the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria.


The Knoff Yoga System is an intelligent and dynamic program that focuses on practical detail and simplicity. It offers all students a clear understanding of every facet of yoga and caters for every level of yoga practice and teaching.

The Knoff Yoga System incorporates the most up to date and thoroughly researched teaching programs available today.

The key focus of the Knoff Yoga System is to ensure correct anatomical alignment of the human body, structural balance and energetic application of yoga techniques. 8


The Knoff Yoga System is built on the following values:

  • The Individual – we practice and teach in step-by-step progression. We honour and respect the individuality of every student and adjust our practice and teaching for body shapes and capability.
  • Ongoing Education – we understand that for the long-term well-being of yourself and your students, education is as important as exercise.
  • Positive Communication – we understand that for a yoga teacher to cultivate the right environment for learning, they must use positive communication with constructive encouragement.
  • Strong Ethics – we adhere to a strong ethical framework, which is enshrined in the Knoff Yoga Code of Conduct.


Knoff Yoga proudly delivers 9 Levels of teacher training, from Discovery to Master.
Level 1 – Discovery course is the first level of Knoff Yoga System teacher training. It is
specifically designed to get you up and running as a yoga teacher. Level 2 – Chair Yoga
Level 3 – Foundation
Level 4 – Pregnancy Yoga
Level 5 – Yoga Therapy A
Level 6 – Yoga Therapy B
Level 7 – Intermediate
Level 8 – Advanced
Level 9 – Master

Students who do not wish to teach may also attend the course to intensively deepen their practice and grow their yoga knowledge.

All our Course levels cover a comprehensive syllabus including:

  • Asana
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Philosophy, Ethics & Yogic Lifestyle
  • Anatomy & Physiology


The course is taught by Nicky Knoff (Founder & Master Yoga Teacher) and James Bryan. Nicky has over 40 years yoga experience and has studied directly with the Masters of the Iyengar, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Bikram traditions of yoga. Nicky’s full biography is attached at the end of this brochure.   To contact Nicky you can email her at Specific course enquiries can be directed to Program Director Teacher James Bryan



“I have been practicing and teaching Yoga myself for many years and was seeking to attend a 200 hour training to commit deeper to my practice. I traveled half way around the world (Dresden, Germany) to study Knoff Yoga because the moment I met Nicky many months before, it was obvious to me that she is a person who has dedicated her life very wisely and effectively to the teachings. Nicky is a true Master in the art of Yoga. She is honest, precise and has many great stories to share from over 40 years’ experience on the Yoga mat. Her knowledge of the body and asanas along with her keen eye provided our group with incredible adjustments that ensured each and every one of us understood – at the cellular level – how wonderful and trans-formative a solid Yoga practice can be. I am ever grateful for how generously Nicky passed on her wisdom and would recommend Knoff Yoga to anyone. Thank you!” Amber Spear, Yoga teacher & student, Perth, AUSTRALIA



The Knoff Yoga System teacher training will give you the opportunity to share the life-enhancing benefits of yoga with others and to join a rapidly growing profession that has the potential to change your life and those around you. As part of the Knoff Yoga System you will learn how to teach 5 Essential Components in every class in order to give your students a comprehensive lesson:

  • Meditation – non-religious mind centering techniques
  • Pranayama – breathing exercises for mental clarity and physical vitality
  • Asana – anatomically aligned, structurally balanced yoga poses to enhance functionality of the body
  • Relaxation – how to effectively relax the nervous system and reduce stress
  • Philosophy – positive, uplifting and life affirming

You will be taught how to incorporate these 5 components to create a well-structured and balanced class to leave your students feeling great and wanting more.   The Knoff Yoga System uses an 11 Asana Group Sequence in all levels:

  • Earth & Sun Salutations
  • Inverted Poses (heating)
  • Standing Poses
  • Arm Balancings
  • Forward Bends
  • Sitting Poses
  • Abdominals
  • Twists
  • Backbends
  • Inverted Poses (cooling)
  • Relaxation

This sequencing is based on the Knoff Yoga Principles of Sequencing and, together with the other essential components, has been designed to energize the body, elevate the mind and evolve the spirit. You will also learn our 5 Week Rotational Sequence for teaching yoga postures. Each week there is a specific theme in which you slow down the class and emphasize specific asana groups to enhance learning. The rest of the class is taught at a normal pace. We have found that students really appreciate this varied method of learning. You will study and learn the unique 24 Principles of Practice, which form the basis for all practice and teaching in the Knoff Yoga style. In Knoff Yoga we teach 5 Bandhas, or muscular and energetic locks, which transform internal energies creating heat and lightness in the body, while simultaneously providing internal support:

  • Mula Bandha – Root Lock
  • Uddiyana Bandha (minor) – Abdominal Lock
  • Jalandhara Bandha – Chin Lock
  • Hasta Bandha – Hand Lock
  • Pada Bandha – Foot Lock

The Knoff Yoga System has pioneered the application of Right and Left Days/Weeks in asana practice and teaching to ensure symmetry of body, breath and mind. We are the only yoga school in the world to apply these methods.            

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