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[dt_vc_list style=”1″ bullet_position=”top” dividers=”true”]The practice of yoga is a special and sacred time I have created to be with myself, my teachers, and my brother and sister students.

It is a time to journey inwards and discover all of who I am and realize my greatest capabilities.

This journey begins with my body. My body is a holy temple.

I come to honour and respect myself through my body.

I come to nourish, nurture, strengthen, and purify my body through the practices of asana and pranayama and still my mind through meditation.

I am not here to beat myself up or force my body into pain. I am not here to criticize or judge myself or anyone else.

I am here to learn and remember the ways of balance and harmony through the path of yoga.

My intention is to use what I learn to serve myself and to serve others.

Coming into Beginners Mind I am open to receive all of what this time has to offer me.

With the sound of OM I let go of all thoughts, past and future.[/dt_vc_list]

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