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Yoga – Holistic Healing B (Organic) Copy

Yoga – Holistic Healing B, is based on the preceding Holistic Healing A and continues to deepen your knowledge, understanding and training.

After your grounding in A, we now work with more complicated health issues, as well as structural misalignments and organic problems, e.g. anxiety, arthritis, asthma, blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome, constipation, depression, fatigue, glandular problems, headaches, heart problems, muscle stiffness, post-traumatic stress, respiratory discomfort, etc.

As we rely on public volunteers and their particular health problems, it will depend on who attends as to what exactly is covered in these specialised courses. We make every effort to ensure you experience a range of different health issues.

Therefore, no two Yoga – Holistic Healing courses (A or B) will ever be exactly the same, as our volunteers will be different each time. You can continue to attend these courses and keep learning and experiencing more.

It is worth noting the importance of working with live students, with real problems. While having a theoretical understanding is obviously helpful, it is essential to have hands-on experience to see, hear and feel the impact of the techniques and adjust them accordingly to the needs of a live, breathing person. Working with a Master Teacher is of the highest importance to do this work safely.

You will receive a Teacher Training Handbook, Level 6, Yoga – Holistic Healing B Manual and your Teaching Certificate.

Pre-requisite: Level 1 – Discovery, Level 3 – Foundation and Yoga – Holistic Healing A.

For more information about this Course please Download the Brochure.

You are invited to submit a detailed Teacher Training Application Form or Download the Print Version to gain acceptance to the Course.

holistic healing theraphy a and b programJust a short note to thank you for the Therapy A & B programs which were simply great. You both deal yogic quality in spades and it is truly Cairns’ loss to see you head south. But what is really notable is the element of amiable fun that you bring to the mat that makes the learning curve that much more interesting and vivid. Thanking you for all these years of instruction and insight.

Clive Parker – September 2017

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