You will agree that undertaking university study or a college degree that consisted of random topics – a bit of this and a bit of that, depending on how you feel that day, will lead to an unsatisfactory result. The same piecemeal approach to Yoga practice also leads to less than an optimal outcome.

One of the first things you need to discard in your quest for spiritual enlightenment is your fluctuating daily feelings. Some days you feel like crap and other days you feel like shine, but this has almost no connection to the actual result over a period of time.

Imagine planting a garden… what do your feelings have to do with the work that needs to be done if you want a bountiful harvest? Say you wake up feeling a bit depressed or unmotivated, does this mean you don’t have to plant the seeds, pull weeds or water? Only if you don’t want to eat.

The Knoff Yoga Practice Asana Manuals are designed along the lines of the coloured belts in Martial Arts, i.e. progressively. It would be unwise and you would get hurt if you jumped into a Black Belt class unprepared.

They are designed to carefully, safely and systematically guide you in progressive levels of classical yoga Asana and Pranayama; from an absolute beginner to a master practitioner – from a White Belt to a Black Belt. The levels are based on authentic classical postures – not ones made up last week. This system is like a recipe with a known outcome. If you start swapping around ingredients you are going to end with an inedible mess. One of the benefits of following this progressive program is that you will know where you are – like a point on a map. You then gain an understanding of what to do to progress.

The levels of the Practice Series: Discovery, Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced and Master are intertwined – each level prepares you for the next. They contain balanced programs. They will have postures you love and others you hate. To progress evenly you need to follow the system, the postures you hate (the most challenging) will transform into the ones you love through appreciation of what they give you.

Yoga is such a huge topic that you really need a road map to know your way around. This manual contains a clear guide in the form of the Knoff Yoga “Principles”. If you understand these and incorporate them into both your practice and teaching, you will have taken a huge step towards clarity, confidence and authenticity as you will be expressing yourself through application in action.

Yoga is an experiential and subjective science and art. In order to understand it, you need to be able to perform it. An armchair or theoretical understanding is not only insufficient, but potentially harmful. Theory and practice must merge into one cohesive whole.

The Knoff Yoga Principles will give you the theory, you have to supply the practice. It is in the crucible of the heat and heart of practice that you transform the science into an art.

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